I have an on-going condition with my scalp - it smells! Any advice or treatments for this?

Over the last 6 months my scalp has developed a nasty (cheesy!) odour. The smell appears pretty much a few hours after washing my hair. My boyfriend says he can smell it if he puts his face close to my hair but I can smell it much more.

Anyone had anything similar and managed to get rid of it? I've asked hairdressers about this and they look at me blankly and I've also been to the doctors who gave me a medical shampoo, which hasn't worked. I've tried:
using different shampoos
not using styling products
making sure my hair is dry and not left damp
It'd be good to hear from any specialists who can give me some ideas on how to eliminate this smell as it's starting to become an issue now
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Its difficult to provide any conclusive answer without asking a ton of questions, but it very much seems like a fungal infection on the scalp. Psoriasis is also normally caused by excessive fungus, so topical products that help psoriasis may also help this condition. However, if you have a fungal infection on the scalp, you will often have a fungal imbalance throughout the rest of your body (typical symptoms are tiredness, 'brain fog', indigestion, itching) which will need to be dealt with at the same time - this will avoid the infection returning after topical treatment. A low-carb diet together with iodine, coconut oil, garlic grapeseed extract would be useful. Hope that helps.
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I recommend Colloidal Silver for fungal infections. You can take (this particular brand) orally, perfectly safely and also use it in your final rinse. This will treat your whole body as opposed to just the scalp. Good luck
Thanks for all of your advice everyone. Fingers crossed, a change of diet and trying out some (more) different shampoos will get the ball rolling on this.
I was particularly interested in the answr from Marek - I have always suffered from yeast infections and do find that I'm itchy a lot of the time and foogy headed. Do you have any further advice on this or do you think I should seek further advice from my doctor?


I think you have candidiasis. Have you ever been on antibiotics for a long time or on birth control? What can happen is the antibiotics wipe out all the bacteria in your gut BOTH good and bad which allows yeast to overpopulate and then take over and mutate into its fungal form causing all sorts of problems. You could go to your GP but he'll probably tell you that only immuno-compromised people such as people with HIV/AIDS and cancer suffer from it. It is not a recognised illness by the mainstream medical community. There is no quick fix to this problem so I advise you not to get duped by these 'miracle' products floating on the net. If you want more information about this condition then the National Candida Society website may be helpful: http://www.candida-society.org/ncs/index.htm