My highlights have gone wrong, can anyone help?

I had ombre hair (dark at the top with blonde middle and tips) and decided to have highlights to go back to blonde.
I've now been left with white roots (where my natural hair has come through) and the rest looking brassy. It still looks like a dodgy ombre job with orange stripy highlights, white roots and my usual blonde from mid to tips. Can anyone HELP please? :)
Asked by SarahLouRobins

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As a stylist for 20 years and master colorist I do agree with sarahn. It will take time to get back to all blonde if you want to keep your hair healthy & it not fall out. Your orange is probably damaged. You should NOT apply highlights over the old ones or you will have breakage! If you came to me, I would recommend a deep conditioning treatment to get you hair healthier & the porosity back to normal to accept the color. I would then have to mix up different formulas for the different areas of your hair. From there it would depend if you wanted to keep some hilites or not. I would tone them as Sarahn had said with a blue based tonor to eliminate the orange.


Hi everyone, thank you for the replies, the problem with blue shampoo is it lightens the blonde at the root so they're almost white. I was thinking it may be a better idea to dye all of my hair brown and then gradually highlight it blonde and also get a good conditioning treatment at the salon?
Hi Sarah, this is actually quite a difficult job and one that should not be tempted at home as each area needs to be treated separately, their is no quick fix solutions, their are several directions you could go in. I would strongly recommend visiting a salon that you feel will be able to address the problems. their are so many fabulous products out their now their is no need to create any more damage as most pre-lighteners and colours now contain oil and moisturisers for the hair. Here a Y salon we have colourists who have a degree in colour and are always available for advice which is free. We have been colouring hair for over 30 yrs and all our team are kept up to date with current trends and training as part of The L'Oreal Portfolio group of salons. It is difficult to give you the best solution without first seeing the problem as i'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is and the remedy may be simpler than you think. Please feel free to call on our expertise without obligation
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going back to all blonde will take time. In order to keep your hair In good condition you will need to gradually introduce the highlights back as they will need to be bleached. The reason you have brassy blonde is because the new highlights has to bust through the brown you had, I would tie it up and go back in a couple weeks and get more highlights through it (over the ones already done) to lift it to a cleaner blonde.
Sure you can go on and put more highlights through it but will probably cause damage if done too soon.
In the meantime use silver shampoo and good hair treatments to prepare for the next appointment.