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Question: I have really long hair. what is the best way to keep the ends moisturized?

Asked by isabellewahanda

8 answers

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Regular trims, and intensive treatments. You can also use serums and oils just on the ends.

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never brush the hair ends, also use a thermal protection on the ends a light oil or serum


Oleo treatments and Loreal serum.



Yes regular hair cuts use a good quality shampoo and conditioner such as kerestase. Put a deep treatment mask on once a week and sleep in overnight. Use oils on the ends for example Morrocan oil. Avoid heated appliances too often. Avoid colouring your hair too often especially if lightening with bleach. Use a good wide toothed brush to avoid hair being stretched a good one is tangle teezeer hope this helps!


Hello Isabelle,

I would recommend using a deep conditiong treatment once a week to moisturize your hair. I would personally recommend Wella enrich self warming mask as it really penetrates the hair cuticle.

I would also advise you to look into having a moisturizing styling product such as amargan oil this can be applied through out the day to wet or dry hair, apply to mid lengths and end. This will not make your hair greasy or flat.

Good luck
The Team at MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing



The best way to keep the ends of long hair moisturised is to use a good shampoo and conditioner suitable to your hair type. When conditioning or with wet hair comb through hair with a large tooth comb holding the mid-length of your hair try not to tug much on the hair. Use a serum/morracan oil and lightly apply through the hair if you have slightly greasy hair just use on mid-length to the ends before or after drying. Plus have hair regular trims.



One year ago i discovered Vatika coconut oil. You can find it in indian shops, but i just order fom amazon or ebay. It does miracles. Just make sure that its a right one, because this brant is producing few tipes of oils. Only one of them is right. If you have a look in ingredients you will see that it contains only natural stuff - pure coconut oil and herbs. NOTHING ELSE. I avoid cosmetics with sls, parabens and paraffin. I use it twice a weak and leave it on my scalp for 2-3 hous. This oil and delicate shampoo are my only hair cosmetics. I attached link how the bottle looks like.



I have the same problem as you!!! my hair is really long... but its also quite thin! i agree that regular trims are good, but sometimes you need to do some extra things. One thing I have found is try to open your straightner/flat iron up a little when you get to the ends. Also, the shampoo you use is very important.

check out

my next post is actually about how shampoo's/conditioners can help xx

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