I've been trying to let my hair grow, but am starting to get the urge of the cut. Any tips?

I hate this intermediate stage when it's not short but it's not long either. Would like to make it grow faster. Suggestions? Thanks!
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I've grown my hair out from a crop to shoulder length in the past year, so I know how frustrating it is! I tried to wear lots of pretty clips and hairbands - helps to pin up any unusual straggly bits and make hair look more interesting if you can't do much with it :-). I never tried proper hair extensions, but Babyliss do a fake bun that you can add when you tie your hair back to make it look a bit different.
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Clip-in extensions are great if you want a quick solution without risking any damage to your hair. Also scalp massage helps growth- I have a friend who massages Rosemary oil into her scalp and leaves it overnight and she has super long, amazingly shiny hair x
I used sea kelp when I wanted my hair to grow! Makes it very shiney and healthy too. Maybe try having hair extensions as that will make you feel Like you have a new 'do' so you won't feel the urg to cut your hair off!
Fiona x
Dear Anaisa,
Making sure that your diet is good would be the first step, as what you put in is what shows on the outside. Good sources of multivitamin and herbs that your body can absorb will help skin, hair and nails etc. Drinking the adequate amount of water every day is essential too - about 8 glasses.
We do a large variety of products that help with your wellness including a healthy breakfast containing all the vitamins, minerals, herbs as well as protein, making sure you're not hungry in between meals and in return have more energy and vitality.
Hope this helps :-)
I prescribe topical stem cell therapy rich in growth factors to help speed up the growth of the hair follicles if this is something that might interest you?