In 1 week I had highlights twice and a keratine treatment, how soon can I change the colour?

My hair was very long and red naturally. The hairdresser made a mistake the 1st time in the highlights, the colour came out multiple, pink, orange, white.. I can feel the hair is damaged.
He dyed the colour dark brown again, cut the damaged hair which is more than half the length, and did more highlights followed by a keratine treatment. The colour is not what I wanted at all. How soon can I dye my hair and do highlights again? The hair is already tired I don't want more damage
Asked by ahla78

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I would surgest you don't use any more chemicals on your hair for a good couple of monts.
You need a good treatment conditioner from a professional stockest and use it as often as you can and eave it on as long as you can.
Avoid heat styling if you can and if you can't then use heat protection and use a hairdryer straighteners that you can adjust the heat and have them on the lowest setting to avoid heat dammage.
It sounds like you had previously coloured your hair and the hairdresser forgot to ask if you had or you didn't mention it when asked ?
I hope you got the keratin treatment and colour for free ?


ty for ur reply. he charged me for keratin treatment which was anything but not keratin, half of my hair fell when he put the treatment
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