I want to get permanent waves in my hair somewhere in SW London, how much will it be?

I have thick, shoulder-length hair and am looking for a good price to get it permed. I like the deep waves/large curls look. My hair has dye in it but I recently had a trim to get rid of dead ends.
Asked by anisa1987

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Hello Anisa, from my 20 years experience can say,..Please don't do the permeat ever because after will be regret and not just the money will lose then gona lose your love hair aswel and gona looks 50 years old... Whatever anybody promise you never you can have the natural looks ever...If would like more true information about it please feel free to contact me on 07726611301 or Welcome to 101 Devonshire Road ;CHISWICK ;W4 2HU
Best Regards Tony.G
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