How hard is it to go from dark brown to light blonde?

I dyed my hair dark brown from platinum brown and now would like to return blonde, how long should I expect the process to take? Can I just get the colour stripped and dyed blonde?
Asked by charleymarley

1 answer

Hey CharleyMarley. My name is Adrien I am a Stylist at Currie. To answer your question as best as i can with the information you have given me. Well first of all, Do You do your own color? But if you have recently gone darker and you want to go back to the light blonde. Yes I recomend that in steps. naturally the hair dye would of made your hair darker then expected do to the perosity of your hair. I would say it would take at least two to three visits. The first I would treat your hair with Protein or keratin then apply color remover one that wont hurt your existing hair, the work from there. maybe a single process color or high lights using a high lift color instead of bleach. I can not give you a deffinate answer since i have not treated your hair or know its current condition. But If your willing to come in the shop for a consultation I will be working on this thurs the 17th , fri the 18th sat. the 19th mon, the 21st. 302-777-7755 ask for an appt with Adrien. I would be happy to give you 20% off your color and any treatment you may require,. Happy HolidayS!!!
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