What would be the cost of dying black dyed hair back to natural brunette?

I dyed my hair black, when brown hair grew (and white) I re-dyed with a red colour - clearly this only changed the roots a brownish colour and the rest of the hair remains black.
I would like to change back to my normal brunette, with maybe some ombre or highlights/ lowlights.
Hair is in good condition, past the shoulders, of Asian origin, and I am in east London but can travel to any location.
How much for colour? And then adding highlight/lowlights/ombre.
Asked by Rkhatun

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Its important how long your hair.
But we have price for all this service between 65-80 pounds.
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This would all depend on how long it would take to achieve this colour as it could take a process, however, I suggest you visit your local salon for a complimentary consultaion where they will be able to advise you.
good luck
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Hi, Its important to know how long you had been dying your hair black, as the black will have to be removed with effasol a colour remover or possibly a bleach wash. It may take more than 1 application depending on how long you have been dying it black. It then will need to be coloured to match your roots and also If you require an Ombre effect the ends will have to be bleached up to achieve the desired result. To get a price estimate you would have to go into a salon as they need to make an assessment before they can quote. Dont be put off it can be done quite easily but not without a consultation. Regards Debra