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Question: what is the most gentle perm you can use for very fine damaged hair ?

Asked by jolene-c 3 years ago

3 answers

what is the most gentle perm you can use for very fine damaged hair ?

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Suedey 3 years ago

Personally I wouldn't perm it but if your hairdresser will, then ask them to use a Wella Service PrePerm first.


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jolene-c 3 years ago

I am a hairdresser, its for a customer.... She is adament she wants a perm.

Suedey 3 years ago

Ah, ok..!
Then I would highly recommend winding on this Wella product then applying the perm solution.
Mark Alexander

jolene-c 3 years ago


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mobilehairworcester 3 years ago

as always it is best to see your hair first as what you call fine hair may be different to what a hairdresser may call fine hair. There are some excellent perm lotions on the market today choice will depend on the salon you go to but the will have one suitable for fine hair. I would use an Acid perm myself as they leave the hair in the best condition in my opinion, Hope this helps. Regards Debra

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jolene-c 3 years ago

Thanks, I am the hairdresser lol its for a customer...

MatthewDavid 3 years ago

Hello Jolene,

There is a product called soft and gentle, its a very delicate perm. However, perms nowadays are much softer than they used to be.

Good Luck
The Team at MatthewDavid bespoke Hairdressing

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