Would you be interested in a Brazilian Blow dry swap ?

I am a freelance hairdresser in the Guildford area and I find it hard to get my own hair done.
I don't like paying extortionate salon prices and also hate the whole salon experience.
I usually get a friend to do my BKT for me but she's not trained to do it and finds it hard work on her hands doing that much straightening.
I have a medium length layered bob and fairly thick hair, I have the keratin, straighteners, shampoo etc and would be happy with a straight swap or to do highlights or whatever else was required.
Asked by jolene-c

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Hello Jolene,nice to hear from you ...Will be easier way to discuse everything if you call me on 07726 611 301.
Best Regards Tony.G
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i am freelance hairdresser in portsmouth and i have done bkt course i am quite happy to do it for you if you are stuck can you travel to portsmouth?
best wishes
wendi x


Hi thanks would that be for a swap ? Portsmouth would be do able :)
no swaps needed but i will do your bbd not a problem, just let me know when you want to come and i will leave a day free, i really do not mind i use bbd for myself so i know how important it is i am on face book, if you would like to contact me and i will message you my phone number, my fb page wendi delap-brown or hairbywendi thanx wendi
Sorry ....Cant help to far away anyway! Good luck finding someone nearer!
it is the most unusual trade off I have heard, you are definitely a retro pioneer. I would very much like to hear if anyone takes you up on it.
wish you the best from Hairjes


its hard for hairdressers that dont work in a salon to get their hair done and being a hairdresser its hard to find someone you feel comfortable with !
I'm sure I cant be the only mobile hairdresser in this predicament .........
very true jolene i do not think it is a trade off just hairdressers helping each other out ! x