If I use discount voucher at a salon then do I have to tip? If so what would be acceptable?

Asked by nefer

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Hi , You dont have to tip it is purely a choice as a client. Many clients dont tip, it is not expected it is a nice gesture if a stylist recieves a tip and it is quite often given or shared with the junior staff who are usualy on a lower salary. Some stylist now work in a salon as self employed so they are effectively the owner of their own business.
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You don't have to tip your hairdresser. It's just a personal choice if you want to tip or not. Any tip is acceptable, even if it's just 50p! It's just a nice gesture, like if you go to a restaurant and choose to tip your waitor or waitress, but you don't have too. Any hairdresser should be grateful for just a 50p tip. But you really don't have to tip anything, aslong as your happy with your hair your hairdresser should feel happy too!
Hi, a tip no matter how small , is a nice gesture, but its up to you, some customers prefer to express how satisfied they are with the services by tipping some say thank you, god bless which every way its all good.
Hi, I personally never expect a tip no matter what form of payment or voucher is used. Obviously it is a lovely gesture when you get a tip but you should never feel you have to. As long as my clients are happy then so am I!