Is there a hair colouring treatment for people with sensitive skin?

Previous use resulted in a very bad reaction with swollen head, face and required antibiotics to reduce back down.
Asked by lomi-lomi

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I have eczema on my scalp, I am nearly 52 and have grey hair, normal dyes upset my scalp, any suggestions
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Best thing to do is to find out what ingredient it is your reacting to. Then we can go from there as to what colours you can us.
colour in foils is a safe bet so no colour is touching your skin.
Best of luck Lomi.
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Hollie Rose
Any colour you have you should have a skin test, you should try organic colour but still should have a skin test just in case but you are less likely to have a reaction. Also goldwell make a product called elumen that you dont need a skin test for as it contains no ammonia or chemicals but this does not lift the hair. Or you could have highlights as highlights do not touch the scalp if done properly.