How can I make my customers set last when her hair is in terrible condition due to medication ?

I have an elderly customer whose hair has become very thin and dry due to taking a lot of morphine and medication for an under active thyroid.
She cannot have a perm due to the medication making the hair so weak.
She likes it set but it only lasts a couple of days, what can I do to make it last longer ?
I already use setting lotion or mousse, small rollers, back combing and hairspray.
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You sound like you are doing the correct thing! Medication does play a large role in our hair, skin and nails, maybe some hair and nail vitamins, (kelp) may help with making her hair stronger, have you ever tried some deep conditioning treatments? Kerastase vita ciment treatments are fab to make the structure of the hair stronger so in time her hair will take to setting alot better, setting lotion, mousse and hairspray are great for hold, good luck!
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Hi Jolene,
Sometimes we can try all the methods in the book and unfortunately it can turn out to no avail.
It sounds like you have tried all the sensible options with her hair. Anything that weakens the hair damages the hair so keep away from harsh chemicals.
The only thing would be to use an ultimate strength mousse/ styling product unfortunately our hair changes over time or with medication.
Good Luck
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Sometimes I find mousse and setting lotion can be to heavy on fine hair I use a voluminous serum currently I use cylon try using either the smallest rollers or velcro smallest rollers I find these rollers fill the hair out more and then I use my fingers to comb out with a little wax if needed and she has fine hair I would say just use fingers combing out top and sides and slight back combing not combing all curls out but enough to give volume and then I use iq a ec gel spary very strong hold and so easy to comb out if need hope this helps let us know if these help x x
I have a client with fine hair just below shoulders and she likes volume.
So after she shampoos hair hair - no conditioner- I use Wella mousse and Loreal Techni Art No.4 PLI.
This is a wonder product. Dont use No.3 volumiser - rubbish. You need to use it on each section as you go. I give it 2 sprays under 1 over and pincurl.
My client has tried various hairdressers over the years (when I am on hols) and she havent find a replacement!
Try this product, it works!


thanks but i'm not sure were talking about the same type of hair, my customers hair is short and extremely thin, almost balding due to medication, its not a case of getting volume into it, its more of making the curls from the set last. thanks. Jo
Always use a good product, I have found that bed head thickening mousse is very good
also kadus spray holds very well. after putting rollers in spray with gel lac lightly always leave hair to cool down before you remove rollers as this sets better and not so much backcombing
you will find this will work very well. When combing out use a large wide tooth comb.
Let me know if this works for you?