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Deep Tissue Massage description

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Time to get deep and meaningful with your muscles. A deep tissue massage is a powerful way of untangling those knots and easing out chronic patterns of tension deep within your muscles. It’s the heavyweight hero of massage, on call for when you need some serious relaxation.

How does it work?

Deep tissue massage uses focussed, intense pressure to penetrate to deeper layers of muscle, also known as connective tissue. Your therapist will use hands and fingertips in slow strokes to work over the tense area. To avoid making your muscles flinch or spasm, he or she will start quite softly and increase the pressure bit by bit, using a combination of friction moves and direct pressure.

A little like Swedish massage, oil is used to help with a smooth movement, which also means you’ll need to take off most of your clothes. A deep tissue session will typically last between 30 minutes and an hour, though if your muscles are really frozen-up it may take longer to loosen them.

They say “no pain, no gain”, and in this case it’s particularly true. It’s not uncommon for you to feel sore for an hour or two after the treatment, but even though you might feel a bit like you’ve been through a mangle, the long-term benefits of easing out all that tension make it more than worthwhile.

Is it for me?

Though deep tissue massage is a great for people who suffer from chronic tension in their muscles, you don’t need to have a specific problem to benefit from the treatment. When it comes to stimulating your circulation, a deep tissue massage is even more effective than an ordinary massage. So, with better circulation, your body will purge toxins and gather oxygen and nutrients like nobody’s business - leaving your body refreshed and your mind super-relaxed.

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