why do you get light headed during a massage

why is light headed a contra-action
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Hi Charlies Mum! Looks like you've asked two questions here. Firstly, why do you get light headed? It's quite common for someone to feel light headed just after a massage as the treatment is likely to reduce blood pressure, so get up slowly after the treatment and have a glass of cold water. If you are noticing light headedness during a massage, it's probably worth having a word with you doctor as you may be suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure, you should also inform your therapist of this.
Secondly light headed is not a contra-indication unless it is severe as advised by a doctor. Normal hypotension can be handled after consultation with a doctor with a softer touch massage but caution is advised as the blood pressure will still reduce as a result of massage reducing the blood pressure as the parasympathetic nervous system takes over.
Talk this over with your doctor and your therapist.
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Light headedness is not an unusual contra-action, and can often occur following a massage. This can be due to a number of reasons, the client may have risen to early, and should rest for longer following a massage around 5 minutes should be sufficient, and/or as the toxins are released from the muscles clients may experience light headedness as the blood, now containing these toxins from the muscles travels around the body through the head and back to the heart to be expelled as CO2 via the lungs or urine via the kidneys.
As discussed previously blood pressure is lowered following a massage and this also can bring on the feeling of light headedness, again rest for a little longer before getting off the couch. And be sure to drink plenty of water if you feel like this.
I hope this helps!!
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Amy x
Indeed it seems you may be experiencing a lowering in blood pressure after a massage. If you have low blood pressure to start with just follow the advice from your therapist to rest and not rush straight after your treatment.
Also I have found that some of my clients forget to eat during the day as their diary is so busy, so when they finally get to slow down and have a massage they will feel quite tired from the combination of lack of food, tiredness and relaxation.
To be on the safe side book an appointment with an osteopath or chiropractor to check that there isn't an issue with your central nervous system or an impingement in your nerves and blood vessels in your neck and shoulders areas.
This can be due to the client having low blood pressure, or the release of stress from the muscles, encouraging the removal of waste as the body goes into a healing crisis.
Prior to a treatment it would be recommended to conduct a full consultation with your client.
In the case of possible dizziness during, or after a massage session ... We must bear in mind that "a massage session ... can lower blood pressure the customer." "The customer may already have low blood pressure ... and further down." Give him a sweet tea (if you can eat sugar), a sports drink or a simple glass of water ... to make your blood pressure up ... Customer demos ... a little rest and a little food (energy bar) if necessary tonic.
I always recommend: "Make a small health questionnaire prior to the sessions of massage."
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