Does anyone know of an excellent physio for dancers?

I have strained a medial hamstring muscle (I think it's my semimembranosus) on my right leg. With audition season coming up, I need to be in tip top shape and feeling on the ball. I'm currently seeing an NHS physio, but I wonder if there might be someone that can really look after me, as a dancer. Time off is never and option!
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We look after touring companies to Saddlers Wells and provide all the physiotherapy for the Urdang Academy. Check opur website for details We'd be happy to help if it happens again!! I see that your original post is 4 months :)
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I use a very good Physiotherapist, qualified in acupuncture and also teaches Pilates.
Email me if you want his details:
I have worked with a few dancers (river dance) and am based in Dorset if you are down this neck of the woods!
Hello Fifilachat, well firstly sorry to hear this. I would suggest broadening your net and not only consider the option of physio but there are fantastic osteopaths out there who will be just as qualified. For osteopaths in your region check out: the general osteopathic council at:
I know you mention that time off is never an option I make an assumption (apologise in advance!) that you are young so not necessarily considering the long-term situation. Soft tissues phyisiologically take around 60 days for the properly healing of soft tissues so that if you continue to ask demanding activities from tissues that are strained the long-term outcomes are not brilliant. Perhaps taking time out in the s-term will be the most beneficial as a l-term option?


I'm not young for a dancer. I'm not in training and taking time out is never an option.
I would recommend Monika, she's had similar case recently.
Most of our therapist have MSc at Physiotherapy and we have great knowledge and experience between us. Please give me a call and then you decide if we could be of any help.
we based on Foley St it's very close to Covent Garden.
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Many sports massage therapists could help you, I know several that treat dancers, if you try website it will tell you where your nearest qualified therapist is.
I know a deep tissue and skeletal realignment therapist who works in Chelmsford and Bishops Stortford who has treated dancers on a regular basis.Highly recommended
Yes I do - Where are you ?
If in London he is fantastic just got a 1st and taught yoga and pilates - respond if you need the no - certain he does mobile visits too.
Yes I do - Where are you ?
If in London he is fantastic just got a 1st and taught yoga and pilates - respond if you need the no - certain he does mobile visits too.


Hey Lyn.
It would be great if I could get the number. I am based in London (work in Covent Garden), so I can probably go to him. I have an appointment with my NHS physio later this week, but I just get the impression that a second opinion would give me some peace of mind.
Where are you based? There is one attached to the Royal Ballet in Birmingham


I'm based in London. So I can ask fellow dancers and where I train, but I thought I would give Wahanda a try also. BRB will be down to perform at Sadler's Wells this month, but I don't know if they'll have their physio with them.
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