Can you treat a rotator cuff injury through massage?

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My recommendation in the first instance would always be tp try using the Bowen Technique as a first response. I have recently had a vast improvement to a client with a rotator cuff injury, an increase in range of movement by 20% with two hours work. Bowen is a very gentle therapy using rolling type moves on soft tissue with fingers and thumbs. Why not give it a try?


I have tried this and had been in pain for 3 months with my achilles, as soon as I got off the table I was out of pain, it's amazing.
I keep topping up because it's really relaxing too, this month she is only charging £35
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I have had physical therapy for one year on one shoulder and one year of therapy on the other. Iit helped one shoulder but the other shoulder, it helped more in movement than pain. The doctor doesn't think I need surgery. I do know that massage therapists has helped my shoulder in many ways, way beyond what a doctor or physical therapy has ever done. At first, I was hesitant about going to a massage therapist but decided that this shoulder would never get any better so what could it hurt now? I might be on medication and shots the rest of my life if I didn't do something ELSE. So I searched for a therapist.....and I found one. I have went to massage therapist for years for other conditions and they are great healers....they are usually honest and natural helpers. My experience has been that they will work with you until they think you should go to someone else and they usually know who to recommend. Neverthelss, after all this pain and strain, I am actually getting better. I have only been going for 6 weeks. It's been worth every penny after spending way over $2,000 on physical therapy last year. I go to LaVida's massage clinic. They have a large group of licensed massage therapists. I would suggest the same for anyone in this same situation. A clinic of licensed massage therapists might be able to help more to get the right person you need. . I am sick of cold packs, gels, hot, stretch bands, slings, medicines, wraps, TENS units, doctor appts. rays, MRI's, Ultra sounds and ENDLESS exercises.....blah, blah, blah. Yep, it was hopeful and it helped a tiny bit at a time....but results or relief? It was soooooo slow. I called it "an inch a week," movement wise. But pain seemed the shoulder stayed in pain. My massage therapy is actually healing my shoulder. Releasing areas that physical therapy never could. I hope this has helped!
It will depend on the clinical presentation: whether the injury is a tendinopathy or a tear. This can be found out by MRI or ultrasound or by careful examination. Other factors such as age (healing as impaired as we age), co-mobidities (whether they have diebetes etc ) will be important as these will impair their healing responce and give a poorer prognosis.
The person will need to be assessed to have a clearer idea.
No you can not treat a rotator cuff injury purely through massage. It
needs manipulation and various other treatments to have full relief.
By seeing an osteopath they will provide various techniques to help
alleviate your symptoms!
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Hi as an osteopath i would use a variety of treatments including soft tissue techniques. I also use a new electrotherapy in the country PBK Therapy which speeds up the healing process of injuries and has been very successful with this type of injury. Hope that is of help, Irene Phillips
Depends on the nature and severity of the injury, which in a lot of cases can lead to a loss of strength and stability in the shoulder joint, which should be your first port of call from a rehab point of view. Physiotherapy is often the first ocurse of treatment.
Skilled Remedial Massage is most appropriate for such a situation. The various insertions to the humerus are reachable and, when loosened off, it is possible to ease tightness around the scapula. Working thoroughly into the whole shoulder area provides much relief, along with specific stretches to the shoulder and surrounding fascia. It's difficult to be accurate without seeing the situation but massage would be your best option, providing the practitioner has good A & P knowledge.
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If the trauma/pain to the shoulder was severe, it would be highly unlikely that this question would have been asked in the first place, a doctors' advice would have been sought at time of injury. This answer was given with the assumption that discretion had shown that the injury was not initially thought to have been that serious but that continued problems emerged later ...
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