What is the best massage for ambience?

Asked by pixiegem

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Thai Aromatherapy massage with 100% pure Coconut oil . During the massage you can smell of coconut oil ,this is help you to relaxing your mind and skin very well . After massage you will have a very nice and soft skin .
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Hello, You can do stretching massage at home SW5 ONJ. Coach desirable man. Mikhail
I would def go for a good hot stone with aromatherapy. Just make sure that the therapist is trained in aromatherapy so he/she will spot on which oils will work best for you. Sometimes is good to bring a CD with your own music as if you don't connect with the one at the venue, it might get a bit irritating.
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I think a tailored massage to suit each client would be the best massage! This could be a mixture of Lava Shells, Indian Head, Reiki and of course colour light therapy with the right music as chosen by the client. What more could a body ask for?
I would agree with Aromatherapy massage being the most relaxing, however the best way to get the best ambience is to make sure you tell you therapist, exactly what you would like, right down to: "i feel a little chilly or too warm could you turn the music down or up a little please, could you use more pressure, or ease off the pressure" There is nothing better then a client who tells you exactly what they need and enables you to provide them with the best ambience for them. Everyone is so different and our atmosphere will not please everyone.
So the best massage for ambience is the one where you tell the therapist exactly what you need. After all your paying for it, you wouldnt order a steak in a restaurant and tell the chef to cook it how he feels is best would you ?
Hawaiian massage for mi is more special than any massage, Is like dance in dance in at dream. Spiritual an energico useful to find our self , listening the music flushing the mind.Is a mix of Tantra y Swedish. Harmonic with the music you can listen yourself.Useful for everybody that looking peace and that have forgotten it still alive.
Any massage can have ambience its dependant on the therapist. Dont choose sport or remedial.
Hi aromatherapy massage would best suit the atmosphere with a mixture of oils and incense to create the perfect Ambiance...relaxing and letting of all ur stress and tensions.
i would say they all have a typr of ambience. it all boils down to the salon how they promote this ambience....enjoy!!!!!
I work from a Physiotherapy Clinic where we also provide deep tissue and sports massage. Clients who come here often comment after a deep massage that they feel very relaxed, and that they prefer deep to light massage. We can supply relaxing music on request, although many clients prefer silence after a stressful time at work. We are all different, so have different preferences for massage as for everything else. Best wishes.
I offer Swedish massage which provides an excellent way to relax the body & mind, coupled with calming music, a warm, comfortable atmostphere and the benefit of an aromatic massage wax suited to your needs.
I agree. Definitely Aromathera. The essential oils can 've specifically selected for the individual to soothe and relax mind body and soul. Find a therapist who can supply soothing music and awwarm comfortable environment to suit this particular type of massage
Ambiance would mean you're looking for a massage where the setting, mood and massage products yield a peaceful and serene experience. Aromatherapy massage would probably be the best bet. It is all about relaxation and soothing smells of therapeutic oils to heighten the experience of healing and tranquility.