where is the best massage anyone ever had?

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Valencia, Spain, about 20 years ago, in a hotel spa, by a short broad russian, who was about 60. I came out about 3" taller, it was fantastic.
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I had a Fantastic home spa treatment by OTC, in Essex. It was so relaxing I fell asleep at one point, I was so relaxed, & had the benefit of being in the comfort of my own home. Its definately the best home Spa treatment I've had & beats some of the main Spa's I've visited in & near London!!
Why not try Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Meridian Massage. You would feel relax, rejuvenate and a new person after the treatment !It is using essential oils specially blend for you and press on the acupoint and meridian massage depends on your problems, Kind of Bespoke treatment . Please go to http://www.aromaticrx.co.uk to look for more details. You won't be disappointed.
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To me, the best massage I have had has been at the Landmark spa in Marylebone and Prue at Orange Grove Therapies in Hertfordshire
It's at Harmony Health & Beauty, 1 hour and a half of La Stone Therapy Massage, a deep massage that soothes away tension creating a blissful sensory escape for your body, mind and soul. Or the Four Hands Massage with two therapist working in synchrony and four hands move rhythmically in tune with wonderful music.
My tuina sports combined is one of the best try it and see you tell me
If you are into deep tissue sports massage then it has to be: http://www.elite-evolution.co.uk/sports-massage/
I have had some great pregnancy massages all around London, Best way to perfect a good technique, which i can now blend into my own practice.
Got to be a NO HANDS massage - you can find a therapist near you on their website nohandsmassage.com
My clients use Ellie from Muscle Dynamics, and they all rave about her and the results she achieves.
See details on website.Highly regarded,and well qualified,and experienced.I am also a fan as she has sorted out my RSI problems.
I had a fantastic massage at The St Pancras Spa, London
I have been a few times and had a few different therapist's all who have given me a fantastic treatment. My favourite by far was the balinese massage. This massage gently stretched my body and warmed up my muscles that have been aching recently. I felt truly relaxed. The treatment lasts for a full 1 hour and there is no rush by the therapists to quickly remove me from the room. The experience from beginning to end helped me to unwind and relax as soon as my body laid on the bed. Really worth a visit.
Come and try my massage. If you will not like money back at the end of the session.
Its at Ayurveda Retreat , you should have the Ayurvedic Full Body Signature Massage for an hour and a half...and iam sure you never have experienced any other massage to be so detailed and relaxing...!
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