Is there a minimum age for massage treatments?

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There is no minimum age for massage. We have pediatric Tui Na massage for baby.
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I would treat client of 16 onwards as long as they had there parents permission.
Hi Denise, I always make sure that my under sixteens have an accompanying parent and I get both parties to sign the consultation which contains the addition ' I am happy for my son/daughter to be treated'. Also any over sixteens but under eighteens have to have this consent too, but it is their choice if the adult stays in the room. Get yourself a CRB aswell and this will cover your back, especially for insurance. xx
I would say 16 or over but 13 or over with parents consent
Every Spa have they Rules * Normaly if you are under 18 , you must be supervised by Parents to enter the Spa . The reason is also for safety and behavior *
It really depends upon the type of massage required and the reason for it. Parents often do a gentle massage on very young babies to soothe and relax... yet a deep sports massage could be exceptionally harmful. We operate a policy of over 18's only for our Hawaiian or Thai massage partly for insurance purposes and partly due to the minimal covering used in this type of massage.
I provide medical-therapeutic ayurvedic massage , and obviously, there is not minimal age for this tipe of massage.
From 0 (baby massage) until 100 years old. The results are amazing.
Hi, there is no minimum age to receive a massage but anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult in attendance for both the client's and therapist's protection. Some midwives would be able to advise on the very gentle techniques used for baby massage.
I agree all comments in uk under 16 needs chaperone, there is no minimum age, we have do the consultation and no contra-indication, example, high blood pressure if on medication is fine, parkinson, pacemaker, diabets 1 not allowed to have massage.
hello , well a gentle (baby massage can be done to a child already after birth that help for bones ,muslces development but it is advice not use essential oil, better use base oils only and better little warmed oils. not accupressure or reflexlogy point below 8yrs, but gentle massage to release muscles for kid and better delovopement helps kid get beter flexiblities and immunes systeme. :)
it all depends on the qualification that the therapist holds. If the therapist has done a course in baby massage then of course they can massage babies. However if the therapist has done a standard course say ITEC or VTCT then they ought to advise parents of children under the age of 18 that if their child wants to receive a treatment they will need to authorise it, if the child is under 16 they will need to be accompanied by the parent during the treatment and if the child is under 16 they should only receive treatment from a specially trained therapist as their body is still developing and could pose risks factors that say a therapist who has not be trained in this area will be unaware of.
Above all, be careful if your letting you child go off without you for treatment make sure it is with a well trained professional who knows the boundaries and understands the anatomy and physiology well.
No, there isn't. People and kids under 18 must have permission of parents in writing or parents must be present during treatment.
There is no minimum age for a massage however it is important that certain procedures are met. A full consultation should be done and unill post 16yrs of age I would expect a parent or guardian to be present.
Depending on the age I would also expect a differnt type of massage to take place, baby massage for very young children or a more gentle massage for tweenagers depending on their lifestyle and hobbies.
I would not do any lymph drainage on small children as their systems generally work very well and I have found in the past children having massages at a young age do so for more psychological reasons, such as anxiety, ADHD, and anger/frustartion issues.
With Aromatherapy massage thinking is a little divided. Some research supports not using essential oils at a young age as this can cause sensitivity problems. While others report wonderful successes with a 1/2% blend used on small children.
My advice is to find a practitioner that you really like and feel confident that they will do an amazing job. They should be a good communicator and you should feel confident that you, and if your child is old enough, your child can discuss anything with them.
Below I have pasted a link to the International Federation of Aromatherapist's website where you can search for a practitioner in your area. All therapists are highly qualified and this should be a good starting point.
There is no minimal age for massage although children under the age of 18 would need to have parental consent and also be present.
There is no minimum age for massage, but I would request company of a parent for children under the age of 16.
Although there is no minimum age as such, we recommend that anyone under 16 should receive consent from an adult who has parental rights. That person should be in the room whilst the individual is receiving massage. This is in order to safe guard not only the child, but yourself as a therapist.
It is always imperative that a consultation is conducted in order to find out any contra indications, etc. It also gives the person who is receiving the massage the opportunity to confirm that they are happy to receive a massage, with their signature on the bottom of the consultation form.
When conducting baby massage, always make sure that the parent is in the room with you - again for the same reason.
Most Hotel Spa and Resorts in UK that offers massage treatment usually have an age restriction. An individual should be at least 16 years old in order to avail of their services.
its not ,but for babes massage is very gentile
There is not a minimum age there are though recommendations also anyone under 18 should be chaparoned
There is no minimum age for massage, however, depending on the age of the receipient,would determine what type of massage ie baby massage, teenage etc always ensuring full consultation has been met and there are no contra-indications.
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