How can i post an article that I have written? How do I create a wahanda blog?

I am a newbie rating so wondering if I need to have a higher status?!
Asked by PrueN

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Hi Prue,
You don't need to have a certain number of points to post an article - we welcome them from all therapists and experts!
If you'd like to post a blog you can email it straight over to me on - all we need is what you'd like the overall blog to be called, a little 'About Me' section and your first article. We'll take it from there!
Thanks for taking part :)
Content & Site Editor
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Looking forward to reading your blogs Prue! You are really on a roll, go girl!
Hi Pruen
Is very easy to post an article, Just login follow all of instructions, wait for wahanda aprovell, then everything are correct, starting your questions and comments, about blog, I havent got blog with wahanda.
I'm enjoing do some help for other people, when I can.
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