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Question: Does anyone know of an excellent physio for dancers?

Asked by Fifilachat 4 years ago

12 answers

I have strained a medial hamstring muscle (I think it's my semimembranosus) on my right leg. With audition season coming up, I need to be in tip top shape and feeling on the ball. I'm currently seeing an NHS physio, but I wonder if there might be someone that can really look after me, as a dancer. Time off is never and option!

Ballet, Osteopathy, Modern Dance, Deep Tissue Massage, Physiotherapy

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TimSmith 4 years ago

You are obviously in Uk where abouts have you thought about a sports masseur if interested i am I work from kent and do come to London but I would recommend a sports masseur but dont pay too much

Other answers (11)

Mandmassage 4 years ago

Have you tried the Bowen technique?


NicoleFerguson 4 years ago

We have helped treat some of the Surrey Dancers from 'so you think you can dance'. we have 3 highly recommendable sports therapists who can help you. we are in Banstead Surrey 45 mins from Victoria...?


Richard-Emmerson 4 years ago

Hi Fiflachat, are you sure it is a Hamstring strain? A meniscal injury or disc bulge can often give the same symptoms. In dancers who are flexible it can often be missed. At Pure dynamic osteopathy I commonly see dancers and sports people. Treatment is only effective once you understand what is wrong and appreciate what the individual physically has to do.



lynlcw 4 years ago

Hi Im a myofascial Release Therapist in London - have you tried this treatment - we treat the cause of the symptoms - fantastic lasting long term results

Parkuss 4 years ago

I am a Physiotherapist in North West London.
I agree with the comment about the meniscus, and I have seen this in a number of dancers, who thought it was a hamstring strain (or were told this by their GP), but it then turned out on examination to be a meniscal problem.
We can assess for either problem.

If it turns out to be a hamstring strain, then although different types of manual therapy or massage are very important, a structured program of rehabilitation exercises are essential for complete recovery, leaving no worry that it might be a problem again in the future.
We can provide sports massage, and structured exercises.

Many therapists are not trained to assess for joint hypermobility, which is very common, especially amongst dancers. If you have excessive joint flexibility, then your exercises need to be tailored in a different way, to minimise the risk of strain during your rehab, and minimise the risk of further injury after you have recovered.

Please let me know if I can answer any more questions:
Kind regards

Skid100 4 years ago

Hi Connie,
I'm in central London once a week if that helps, remedial, sports, manual therapist - PT etc


OsteopathLondon 4 years ago

I am an Osteopath in Central London (on Regent Street), not far from Covent garden. I have treated many dancers and other sports persons. If you would like to book an appointment call 0207 100 3656.


JonSt1963 4 years ago

Dear Dancer, Many dancers, especially in New York city use Rolfing to keep them in tip top shape. Rolfing is a deep connective tissue manipulation and movement education modality that helps soften scar tissue, create space in the joints for fluid movement and improve balance in the skeletal structure, or what we refer to as segment relationship, IE: ankle to knee, knee to hip joint, hip with the spine and so on. This also creates lightness or lift in the body, something I'm sure every dancer wants! It's not a easy path though, it can be painful at times, but it works.

Pomsidakan 4 years ago

Hi, I was just wondering when did it happened? If you try many things and still doesn't help, please feel free to contact me at any time. My technique is similar to Rolfing, combination of Thai Medical Massage, Sport Massage and Yoga stretches. I based in Canary Wharf if it's not too far for you.

rebeccab 4 years ago


Have you found someone to help you yet? I hope so. If not, I am an osteopath based in Highgate N6 and also near Liverpool Street E1. I have worked with dancers before, with excellent results.

Rebecca Bray
07872 104 662


blondesusie 3 years ago

There are some great osteopaths/physios in Leeds, at the good health centre. Obviously depends on whether you can afford to keep travelling backwards and forwards. Also, a brilliant osteopath is Peter Dunleavy who had his own practice down in London some years back, and is now opening that up again sometime soon. Hope this helps!


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