i would like to do a course on Deep Tissue Massage. Would anyone reccomend a good place to study?

I live in London.
Does anyone know a good place to study Deep Tissue massage?
thank you
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Hi, I did a course at LSHB, north London. Was a VTCT course so it is internationally recognised, this helped me a lot when getting work. They give you free insurance once you qualify as well which was a real bonus for me as I could start working straight away!
http://www.lshb.co.uk Good luck, just make sure you find a proper certified course with good facilities and assistance when you need it e.t.c
Search Treatwell for Deep Tissue Massage near you
Come and study with our school in North London, http://www.accreditedmassagecourses.co.uk
It is a one day course. Check it out.
I would recommend Intelligent Training Systems. They offer Sport Massage with Bio Mechanic Training. This enables you to perform a bio mechanic assessment and give muscle releases as well as massage. It will certainly deepen your knowledge and enable you to offer a great service to clients. I found the course brilliant, have had great results with clients and now base most of my work around the principles of bio mechanic training.
Hi there, i can recommend a company called Gateway Workshops, who train all over the UK. I have a diploma in Deep Tissue from this company and it is my best selling treatment. Hope this helps
http://www.thelondonmassagecompany.co.uk Jane Johnson is a chartered physioterapist, author of many books and sport massage teacher. I did some of her courses and found them all extreamely interesting and useful for my practice. She will teach you deep tissue texhniques as.tractions, pressures, met, and str. Highly reccomend. Also if you are fascinated by anathimy I reccomend Jane's dissection laboratry day. A great opportunity ti see real muscles, tendons, nerves...and everything is under the skeen.