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Question: What are the best ideas for strengthening weak back muscles?

Asked by Karen592

18 answers

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Pilates, yoga or a stability ball will all strengthen your core muscles which will take the strain off your back muscles. You can then use the same medium to strenghen the back safely and effectively.

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A good all round core conditioning programme which emphasises a balanced approach. A good PIlates teacher will assess your posture and core strength and prescribe a suitable routine. Likewise, a good Personal Trainer will do the same.. The core also incorporates the pelvis, and inner stabilsing muscles too, all of these muscles work together to keep your trunk strong. It is very important not to overwork the abdominal muscles while neglecting the back of the torso.



Pilates is a very good way of strengthening the core muscles of the body, you could use a weight training regime but I would advise to start with pilates and a good flexibility program


They are plenty exercises which is suitable for everyone obviously exercise intensity and if exercise suit for the people who has weak muscle if you can let me know what sort of weakness or injuries you have I could help better, few exercises...
lying on your back and pushing whole body agaist the ground..
standing position agaist the wall ,squat position do gently michael jackson tuck
lying down on back lifting legs 90 degree and small circle make sure knees pointed ceiling
dog position on knees and palms alternate x lifting leg and arm lift and hold 10-30 sec
do everything 2-3 sets of 10 to 20 reps make sure you giving yourself enough resting
if you feel your back hurts do not do it and ask expertise help if you are in gym
when you lie down on your back make sure lover back always on ground no bridge position.
if you have big arch on your back make sure strecthing on quads and stretghning your hamstring

please email me if you need pro help


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Hi, the cause of my weak back lies in frozen shoulders that have taken their toll on my movement over the last 4 years. Its been a knock on effect of having to move awkwardly to compensate for lack of reach and strength. The shoulders are almost cured and I am once again in a position to take up gentle exercise


Firstly, do you have a diagnosis for your weak back muscles? Have you had an injury, is it work related, etc.
I would suggest that you get yourself a copy of 'Breathworks for your Back' by Nancy Swayzee - she is an American body worker and physio, and her book has been OK'd by a physiotherapist friend of mine, so I have every confidence in recommending it.

Her exercises are based on core strength and there are no curls or exercises that will put a strain on your already weakened back. You should be able to get a good secondhand copy on Amazon for a few pounds plus postage.

Also check out her website where you can download any or all of the exercises, and put together your own routine.

If you want someone to monitor you, I would recommend finding a suitably qualified Pilates class, or even having a one-to-one until you are confident (and the Pilates instructor is confident that you are doing the exercises correctly). Find a qualified instructor local to you by using the link below.

Check seating in your home, car, office and ensure that it is supportive, also your bed. Good backs are all about being aware all the time, you only get one back so you need to look after it!

There are weblinks below to help you find the sites mentioned.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks, I will definitely look at the book and take the advice of everyone on strengthening my core. I have had a pilates/yoga instuctor recommended to me who can offer a one to one induction over a few weeks to support me. I am good to go!


For weak back muscles, at the beginning i would suggest simple hatha yoga or Power yoga,which has some effective asanas, that are strengthening back muscles gently & with an ease. After month or two one can switch to pilates , repetitive mat or machines workout: swimming, roll over,swan & so on.


Having a complete routine is important for back muscles, since you cant just work only one part. For the back, having a strong core is very important. Also strong abs, dead lifts.


There can be many reasons for the weak lower back muscles. The most common being tight hip flexor muscles so by doing yoga and stretching that may ease the flexors giving you a stronger lower back. I would then suggest pilates to strengthen up the whole core than just focusing on the lower back.



I work on balancing the body and the best results have been when I have opened up the chest making the muscles at the front longer allowing the longer weaker muscles at the back to shorten - depends on the clients circumstances really - Mayofacial Release is an excellent treatment for back problems.


I work with swedish massage with combination deep tissue massage my clients are very happy. The Swedish massage has an immediate local and physiological effect on the part of the body being worked and it also effects the whole body through stimulation and relaxation of the nerves. It has physiological and psychological benefits and can effect all of the body systems in a positive way. Physiological effects improve skin tone, swelling, improving circulation, back pain, waste removal. Phychological effects relax the body, reducing tension and stress, relax the mind, reducing anxiety, give a lift to the emotions and increase positive feelings.


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Thanks, I like the idea of mixing massage to give a psycological lift and relax the body with some positive action on developing my core strength


Hi Karen,
Living with a progressively worsening back condition myself, I have found that the gentle yet deeply empowering practice of yoga certainly helps with a prolonged usage. Deep tissue massage in itself will ease any restrictions caused by knottage or catabolisis of the tissues. Reflexology has its place within the realigning of any other symptoms that could cause tension in the general spinal area, caused by stress or negative emotional energy within the body generally and showing themselves through pain in the back.


Pilates is brilliant for the core ("corset" around your body). Simple as that. I do yoga and Pilates and would not do yoga before strengthening the back with Pilates workouts.


I would suggest working on abdominal bracing which also engages the small muscles along your spine. As these strengthen your core becomes stronger.
It would be worth starting with a Bio Mechanical Assessment to will pick up any muscle imbalance or malfunction. Massage may well help if the assessment does show any imbalance and a Bio Mechanic Coach will be able to give you the exercises you need to give you the strength you are looking for.



Hi Karen

Personally I would not give any advise without knowing more about the condition, what caused it in the first place? have you seen your GP? Have you had scans etc?

If you want to contact me so we can discuss it further, please do.



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Hi the weak back originates from frozen shoulders over a 4 year period. Prior to being hit with this condition I was fit, exercised and had no back problems. I was give a few moves by the muscular skeletal team via the specialist NHS clinic treating my condition but now i'm signed off and ready to move forwards


Any exercises that strengthen the core muscles (abdominal as well as the muscles of the back) so I agree that both yoga and pilates will be useful. There are many exercises you can do on a gym ball that will get great results too.

Have a look on

I used to have one (but lost it somehow!) they are very good.

You could use it between treatments / classes if you decide to go ahead with one of the other suggestions, or just use it on its own if you prefer to.

All the best

Charlie, Bournemouth


Pilates, Yoga can strenghening the core muscles. Also specific exercizes with free weight machines for the back and the guide of a personal trainer


Pilates, Yoga can strenghening the core muscles. Also specific exercizes with free weight machines for the back and the guide of a personal trainer


Single and double leg raises and cetain backward bends. Hope that's helpful

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if you have weak mucle , you might try to do sigle leg raise exrcises but deffinetly no double because it will put extra presurre on Abd wall and over extented lover back which strain it.,
leg raises great for lover abs and iliopsas muscle and also strenght quads,
I believe everyone help each other with some feedback but while you give some feedback make sure there is science behind it other wise you will end up big injuries like trap the nerves on lover back with backward bends , you must need to clearly explain the move please

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