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Question: I need a new mobile reflexology chair and a very lightweight massage couch. Any suggestions?

Asked by HeadToToe

13 answers

The massage chair is for massage only not beauty therapies. not sure if this makes a difference.

Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology

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Hi - Online Therapy Supplies are one of the companies I sometimes deal with and they are very quick in delivering.

Good luck!

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Lightweight couches are available and a bit more expensive than others. Do a google search for a supplier ./ manufacturer or go to an exhibition in your area.

Reflexology chairs - buy a good quality sun lounger - one that lays right back. Just the same and half the cost.


I use a Lafuma reclining chair for my mobile reflexology treatments. They are lightweight, you can get a carry bag for them, and are so so comfortable - all my clients comment on how relaxing the chair alone is! Lafuma chairs are actually French garden chairs, but are ideal for reflexology as they put the client in a great position for you to reach their feet and their backs and knees are well supported. I got mine from Oxford Therapy Supplies - quick delivery and really helpful if you need to phone them up.

Hope this helps :)



Hi I have got myself 2 x couches from the site below, each come with their own protective bag, they are light weight and I have purchased the Tahiti range because I do Reflexology too and the back rest has several positions you can use and it comes with a bolster cushion for under the knees. They are really robust can take a good weight load and have lots of useful accessories such as the face cradle, arm rests etc. The source I have given below currently has a black one on sale for £69.99 which is very reasonable. Regarding reflexology chair/stool I have found the simple collapsable chairs £4.99 from Tesco/Homebase do the trick nicely and they take up no room at all. Otherwise it is a stool for me.

Hope you find the info useful.

Best wishes



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Thank you that really useful to know as i just found the site today. Thanks for a detailed reply. Its much appreciated x


I can definitely recommend the Lafuma recliner for reflexology. Try Oxford Therapy Supplies as they also supply D cushions which are ideal for supporting the feet.



Have a look at amazon for recliner chairs as they have a selection like Lafuma without the price list, also ebay is a good place to look for lightweight couches and recliner chairs, and at good prices too

Hope that helps :)

Paula Kemp


Thank you very much for that. I looked at the on line therapy site and some how came across this one too. massage table weight only 11kg. Does any one know if there is even a lighter one.


Hi there,
I got my beauty couch off ebay for £100 brand new. Its also very light around 10 Kilos.
Good Luck,

Amylouise25 also make light weight couches, mine's 10kg, very light for me, check out e-Bay too for further discounts. :)



I use a la Fuma which is fantastic for mobile reflexology treatments - the carry on bag is def worth investing in as well.

Re: lightweight massage table: I have an Oakworks Advanta table which is their most lightweight 'portable' massage couch. I love Oakworks - their standard is excellent and the tables superior to most of the others out there; however this is still quite cumbersome and hard work to lug around. My sister is a mobile massage therapist too and has a Starlight massage table. This really is lightweight and so easy to carry about. It pricey though about £800.


I got a chair called a Lafuma Recliner. It's like a really comfortable garden chair. I put a woollen blanket under the client, a feather pillow at their neck, and everyone finds it really comfortable.


Just emailed you now. This chair is suitable for Reflexology only. For Massage you need a plinth. Regards. Trish


If you haven't bought your light weight massage table i recommend you this online shop: - They have the best section of light weight foldable massage therapy tables beds.


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