How often should one have a massage in order to feel the full benefits?

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We normally recommend every two weeks but that depends on what you want to get out of the massage? Relaxation or Tension etc...but in general my clients come every two weeks or every week if it's tension.
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hi I would recommend a massage every 4 to 6 weeks - this is on a maintenance basis - if you have tension in a particular area which needs working on you may need to have a massage more regularly say every 2-3 weeks - obviously your health is important to you but the massage treatments also need to remain within your budget. I would recommend a 1 hour 30 min massage on your first session and subsequent sessions of 1 hour. good luck
It very much depends on the reason why you are having the massage whether it is for a sporting injury or for relaxation. But most people could benefit from a massage once every two weeks.
Realistically once every two weeks, I know if I leave it any longer than this the aches return, knots start to build up again, along with my cortisone levels. I would never leave it for more than one month, unless I was terribly ill with a virus that I didn't want any therapist to catch, as I was earlier this year.
It's a hard question to answer due to all the factors involved. Every body is individual so it depends on many things such as your lifestyle, activity levels and how your body responds to deep tissue massage. I have clients that see me every week, 2 weeks, monthly or even every 6 weeks. A much better answer can be given after an initial assessment and first treatment. That said, there are a few benefits even after the first treatment...make sure it's quality!
Your body will tell you when you feel out of balance. As long as you don't get distracted by your daily grind, you should aim to a state of wellbeing ie lack of pain. We tend to disregard our body's subtle pain messages and we leave it to late until we feel uncomfortable and need a massage.
As we are all different, the main factors to look out for are lifestyle/exercise/stress levels/sleep patterns.
Never take insomnia or muscle tension for granted; a massage is also a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with your body and give the central nervous system an opportunity to slow down.
My regular massage clients tend to have a treatment once every two week.
Take care
It depends on what the "benefits" mean to you personally. But most assuredly getting even 1 massage has many immediate physiological benefits. (i.e increased circulation, relaxation, metabolism activation and lymph clearing.) Obviously in this respect more is better, but you can't really put a number on it. A good start however would be once a week. It also shouldn't be a stand-alone tool achieve a desired result, there should be a comprehensive approach if there is a serious issue that needs healing. Massage, yoga, exercise, restful sleep, diet, meditation or stress reduction programs all contribute to fulfillment.
It depends on what you want from the massage, whether it's a relaxing treat, maybe once a month, or if you have problems you would like to address, anything from a couple times to once a week, beyond that time, you can have a massage for maintance purposes. After you have had a couple of massages, you will become more aware of how your body feels, and when you need a massage.
If you have massage every six weeks throughout the year you will then see the benefits .
It depends on the nature of the massage (ie. relaxing, sports, deep tissue, myofascial release) and the condition that it intends to treat.
If it is only for relaxation, it could be performed once or twice weekly for lasting results. If, however, it intends to target sports injuries or chronic tension which involves thickening of the muscle fibres and scar tissue, then a more targeted, deep tissue manipuation is recommended in order to break down any adhensions and facilitate the healing process. This, after proper assessment, can be performed once weekly for 2-6 sessions and once biweekly thereafter for prevention and maximum results.
In no case should deep tissue therapy be performed twice within 72 hours as this may result in inflammation of the tissues and worsening of the condition.
Hope this helps :)
It very much depends on the individual. You are your best judge of how you are feeling. Often clients come to me as they have a problem and are feeling in pain that they can no longer manage. I treat them and sometimes it takes more than on session to relieve their discomfort depending on how deep rooted the problem is. The therapist always needs to be mindful not to cause pain to the client so it is a balance between doing enough work that is purposeful and effective but not trying to undo many months of knots in one session and making the client too sore to go about daily life te next day. Less is sometimes more! I would say once a client feels lighter and no longer in pain then it is time to move onto maintenence.
We in the west have learnt to switch off generally to pain and ignore our bodies conversation with us. I always tell my clients to listen to how their body speaks and if they raise their awareness and view their body like they do other valued possessions they will know when to come back for maintenence. Houses, cars and other valuable assest need regaular maintenance, servicing, mots etc or they soon show signs of wear and tear or breakdown, we are the same. On average I have found approximately 4 - 6 weeks is a good length of time between treatments for most clients. Other therapists may tell you different but you are your own judge what is sales patter and what works for you financially too!
Hope that is helpful.
I would agree with most of the answers below.
I recommend further exercise swimming, jogging etc. is good for your body in a regular basis, it keeps you fit and you don't need as many massages for therapy but rather for relaxation.
I suffer with terrible knots in my shoulders and always had a massage once a month. I've upped it to once a week and since doing that I've noticed a huge difference. I offer massage at home if your close to Staines mabe I can help. I also do courses where you pay for 5 and get the 6th for FREE.
depends on its problems and needs
dependent on your finances, I would recommend every week, otherwise every two weeks dependent on what you want to achieve. - some of my clients come every week, others every two weeks to a month. hope this helps
Be guided by your osteopath.
I would aree with all the answers given. It depends on what you are looking for, a totally chill out massage then every week; 2 weeks or monthly depending on your budget. For remedial therapy following an injury then 2-3 times a week reducing as the injury repairs dropping to the above schedule.
Good luck and I hope you find the right therapist for you.


Spa Baltique recommends once a month treatment for anyone with no particular tension issues- client will look forward it, he will try to maintain the after effect as long as possible and will fully enjoy his monthly bliss! Anyone who works hard, long hours at the desk, computer or at he wheel - once a week will contribute enormously in general 'feeling-good & healthy'!
More info:
a course of 10 sessions once or twice a week would be very beneficial indeed
The most important is to have massage regularly, at same intervals and over longer time. Your body will tell you how the treatment works for you.
If you have an acute condition, injury, you might need massage more often, even every few days, to combat pain and to recover fast.
If you need it because of the work/sports activities, it might be every 1-2 weeks
It depends on you, how severe the problem is, whether emotional stress, muscular tension or pain, and how long you feel the benefit from a treatment before it wears off. The more you are able to do for yourself to help as well, the longer you will feel the benefit from a treatment.
Twice weekly or monthly depending on the level of tension encountered
If one wants optimum benefit from massage then daily .... otherwise weekly or monthly will also offer great physical & emotional benefits, basically it depends on the strength of your budget