Indian Head Massage

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Tackle your troubles head on with the magic of Indian tradition. Healing and stimulating in equal measure, an Indian head massage will help ward off migraines and insomnia while offering a one-way ticket to luscious locks.

What you can expect?

Your therapist will greet you and take you to the treatment room where you’ll be seated ready to be healed. They will then begin the massage by applying pressure to points in the upper back, arms and shoulders in the muscles and iron out any knots, before moving on to the neck and head to release tension that can spur on headaches. You’ll be left feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders – quite literally.

Know before you go

  • Shy-and-retiring types, fear not – the massage is performed fully clothed so you don’t need to worry about stripping off.
  • Dreaming of a supermodel-worthy mane? You’re in luck – the stimulating nature of the massage gives hair follicles a helping hand to grow and up the gloss factor.

The sciencey stuff

Once upon a time, one of the world’s oldest healing systems was born, known as the Ayurvedic system of healing. This gave birth to the Indian head massage, which at this point was designed to stimulate the scalp’s pressure points. Over a thousand years later, this is still widely practiced across the world and has evolved to include other hotspots in the upper body so our entire being can benefit.

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