Does an Indian head massage have an age limit at Dove Spa?

I am 15 and would like to book an Indian head massage for my friend's birthday. Are we old enough to get one at Dove Spa?
Asked by Olivia4

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I would contact the Dove spa and ask them what they do, I would always ask for parental attendance for anyone under 16. Lovely idea! :)
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A lovely idea for your friend's present. Yes, we have a similar policy - parental written permission would be required for under 18 year olds along with proof of ID. However, we don't require the parent to be present throughout the treatment...
Anyone of any age can benefit from the Indian Head Massage, from young children to the elderly but techniques will vary according to age and providing there are no contraindications. We do them regularly at our salon providing we have parent's consent. Best wishes.
I would suggest you contact Dove Spa and ask them for their policy on age.
In my practice if you are under 18 I would require parental/guardian permission and one of them would have to be present during the whole treatment.
I hope that helps, just give the Dove Spa a call, I'm sure they'll be willing to provide you the answers.
Have a great day :)