Is it optional to have oils used during an indian head massage?

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Yes, it is optional to use oils during Indian head massage but it is far more beneficial to have them incorporated within the treatment. I use an incredible Ayurvedic face oil from Kerala, which not only gives a healthy glow to the skin but continues to nourish and restore its balance long after each massage. Please get in touch for more information on this and the other Ayurvedic treatments I offer in Lewes, East Sussex.
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Yes it's certainly is optional, I only use oil on the back when I do the back and neck massage, I would use an oil on the head if a client requests it. It's down to personal preference.
Yes it's certainly is optional, I only use oil on the back when I do the back and neck massage, I would use an oil on the head if a client requests it. It's down to personal preference.
Yes an Indian Head massage can be done without oils over clothes and can be just as effective. I know because I have done it myself when I have worked on clients at festivals, in a shopping mall and at holistic fairs. An alternative to oils is to use massage cream which some people like as it can be soothing and cooling. If a client comes to see me at my treatment room I always give them the option of a massage with or without oil. I offer the carrier oils of olive, mustard, almond, grapeseed or coconut or the traditional Indian oils amla, jasmine, or raat ki rani
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Hi ya, yes you can have Indian Head Massage without using oils, not a problem at all, the benefits are the same. Also the client can carry on with her/his daily routine without having greasy hair. Alternatively, you can use a barrier oil, like grapeseed, which is a good conditioner for your hair. If you would like to book a treatment, give me a call, Jackie
Yes it is completely optional and will not make a difference to the quality of the treatment.
Yes it certainly is optional, I only use oils on the hair and usually coconut oil, which leaves the hair moisturised and nourished. I will always ask the client if they would like the oils as some clients are going out afterwards and do not want oily looking hair.
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Yes it is completely optional! I do give the option of using Aromatherapy Oils if the client chooses as this adds another element to the treatment.
Oils are not always necessary or desired but they do condition the scalp and the hair and can add to the relaxation effects of the treatment. Tension sometimes causes hair loss and an oil massage can help to stimulate hair growth. The effect of the aromatic oils also help with deeper breathing because the massage is on the head, close to the olfactory tract. If you have lots of heat in your body, we would use a cooling oil and if you are one who has circulation problems, then we we would use a suitable that gives heat to the body. Best wishes:)
Yes, absolutely. My preference is to work with oils as I include the upper back to below the shoulder blades, the neck and arms as well as the head. In fact I use a massage wax but only enough to facilitate movement and it also acts as a great moisturiser. Very little wax is used on the hair so it will not make it too greasy but again it acts as a good conditioner. If you prefer the treatment can also be carried out oil free, I also teach both methods.
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Hi, when I do Indian head massage for people I always give them the choice of having oils used or not. Sometimes it's not appropriate for the person to have oils used (if for example they have an event to attend or are working soon after or if they are allergic). Indian head massage performed with oils does have greater benefit for the hair and scalp though, so it depends on your requirements. Aromatherapy oils can be used to enhance the colour and shine of the hair along with additional benefits on the scalp and face but only in small amounts. Base carrier oils alone will also be of benefit.
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I don't use oils during Indian head massage, It is still as effective without , as the massage techniques do the the work. Other therapists may use aromatherapy oil with certain health benefits which may enhance your experience. Although the oil I use with my therapies is Grapeseed oil which is a carrier oil, this in non scented and has no extra benefits other than to assist in the movements during the treatment. I think it is worth exploring therapists in your area to get information on their style and see what suits you personally. Good luck. :)
Yes it is totally optionally if one would like to use oils. It does not make a difference to the treatment benefits. I don't tend to use oils in my treatments so its more practical and convenient for the individual and they don't have to worry about walking away with greasy hair they can continue with their day as normal.
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