Is an Indian Head Massage safe for someone who is 6 months pregnant?

Asked by elliejayne03

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It all depends really on whether you are suffering back problems through pregnancy as you spend the massage sat upright in a chair. If you do not have any back problems then yes it is absolutely fine as it works only the shoulders, neck and head. Enjoy it they are very relaxing :-)
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absolutely safe, just make sure they are comfterble and perhaps get them to sit on a comfy chair or sofa.
Hi Ellie Jayne, as long as you are past your first trimester it is absolutely fine. Is there a particular reason you are thinking of having an Indian head massage ? I do both Indian head and reflexology. Reflexology is greatly popular with pregnant women and I have treated many who have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it helped relax, destress and relieve back pain and neck and shoulder tension.
As long as you are passed the first trimester then Indian head massage can be given. It is a gentle massage that aids relaxation & sleep whilst relieving tension. If you have any other concerns then please feel free to contact me.
Hi Ellie.. Indian Head massage (Champissage) can be carried out during pregnancy after the first trimester. It is actually a very relaxing and benefitial treatment to have - depending on where you have it done, you would usually sit in an upright position on a comfortable chair - it is great for relieving tension in the shoulders, upper back, neck as well as releasing stress and improving overall wellbeing - A client of mine had it done throughout her pregnancy (after the 3-month stage) and she said it was a life-saver in terms of reducing pain/tension as well as relieving headaches and improving sleep patterns. I would highly recommend it. Best wishes, Sarah - Yin Yang Therapies
Yes, it is safe and soothing. However, the massage therapist needs to use more relaxing techniques rather than the vigorous ones like as hacking.
Yes, Indian Head Massage is an ideal treatment for pregnant women. The woman can remain seated, which can be an advantage if she has heartburn, when lying down can trigger it off. Many pregnant women can have an increase in stiff ness in upper backs, exacerbated by the increase weight & size of breasts, which can pull the shoulders forward. Pregnancy is also a time when there can be alot of anxiety and worry, perhaps effecting sleep. Indian Head Massage can do alot of good by helping women to deeply relax, thereby improving sleep quality, And a good night's sleep is so important at this time.
Indian Head Massage is safe during at any stage of pregnancy as you are working with just the head neck and shoulders and sitting in a chair . However if you are 6 months pregnant and having any back problems the Maternity Reflexology is safe and wonderfully relaxing and supportive .
Yes, its lovely and beautiful for you to have and the little unborn will enjoy it too as you relax into it. Usually its not advised before 3 months. So for you it is safe. Just run by your medical history with the practitioner you see.
A head massage relieves stress around the head neck and shoulders. This would only have a beneficial effect on anyone who receives it.
After the first trimester it is completely safe to provide a massage, as you will be doing just the head this does not really matter either way.
After the first trimester it is completely safe to provide a massage, as you will be doing just the head this does not really matter either way.
It is safe to massage someone after 3 months. When I have massaged someone who is pregnant, I got them to lay on their side - to accommodate the bump and to make sure she was as comfortable as possible.
Pregnant women also experience lower back pain, and so to massage that area is not only very comforting, it is therapeutic.


I would agrre Indian Head massage is safe for someone who is six months pregnant, it is only inadvisable during the first 3 months of pregancy due to changes in body's circulation and the risk of miscarriage. You will need to let your therapist know you are pregnant so they can be aware of your increased risk of feeling dizzy because of your variable blood pressure. Indian Head massage can be done on a comfortable chair with a cushion, to accomodate the bump if necessary, and since a lot of women suffer from shoulder and back pain during pregancy they find it very relaxing. I have given Indian Head massage to several pregnant women including one who was 30 weeks pregnant and they found it very relaxing, one woman was so impressed she asked if I could be present at the birth but I don't like the sight of blood so I declined.
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