Can I have an Indian Head Massage after scalp cooling for breast cancer?

I have just finished 11 cycles of chemo and 25 days radiation. I used scalp cooling during my chemo and experienced hair coming out as strands but still have about 70% left, although it is thin on top. I'm desperate for a relaxing massage but would an Indian Head Massage stimulate growth or pull the remaining hair out?
Asked by msbright

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Well as far as relaxing massage is concerned as long as you are over from your treatment and has given a freedom to walk again by the doctors. But should concern with the doctor please.
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Hi from my experience. you should do therapeutic full body massage combination with aromatherapy massage unblock from your hands arms neck shoulders for help the blood circulation and flow to your head help hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands getting healthy produce sebum which helps lubricate hair and if your hands arms neck shoulders block that means less blood flow to your head and less circulation on your chest and other place just do aromatherapy massage for relax you body and your mind.......
Both, it would stimulate new growth but would pull out some the same as when you wash/dry/style your hair. Your hair will start growing back soon anyway, I would just go for a relaxing massage. I have had chemo and know how easily it can fall out and would suggest you leave your hair well alone for now. Good luck x
Yes you can and you would probably thoroughly enjoy it. Indian Head Massage can take on many forms and doesn't have to be vigorous. It can include back, neck, shoulder and facial techniques that can be very relaxing. Just ensure you tell your therapist all your medical details and they will make provision for your treatment including the correct oils to use. Go for it and pamper yourself...after cancer treatments you deserve it!
India Head Massage is quite vigorous on your scalp - to activate circulation and other head related channels. You would therefore put some stress on your hair and additional loss of Hair would be the case. I would recommend an Deep-Therapeutic (cooling aromatherapy oils) in your case and work particularly in upper parts of your body to activate the cooling energies which effectively lead to relaxation. Let me know if I can be of help. warmest regards Wanchai Li