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A stiff neck and poor circulation can only mean one thing: too many hours sat behind your desk. That’s why we recommend you move from one chair to another. Sound mad? Chair massage is specially designed to soothe the back, neck and head in less than 25 minutes, making it one of the quickest and most cost-effective treatments out there. Now we call that the perfect lunchtime treat...

What to expect?

Let’s say you go for a 15-minute session. The first thing you will need to do is adopt a forward-facing, upright kneeling position on the chair (yes, we admit, it's not the most flattering of angles). Your therapist will then focus on relieving pressure in your neck, shoulders and back. If you’d like your massage therapist to knead your arms and hands then just let them know, but remember that this will mean less time spent on other areas. The choice is yours!

Plus, a chair massage is perfect for combating burnout and tapping into that all too elusive “work-life balance”. Health is wealth, after all, and a chair massage provides exactly that: well-being so you can head back to work feeling rejuvenated and ready for action.

Know before you go

  • Too busy to leave the office? No sweat. Chair massage really can be experienced anywhere - simply ask your practitioner if they offer on-site sessions when you book.
  • No oils, perfumes or special products are used during a chair massage, so your boss will be none the wiser!
  • Chair massage is composed of a number of Shiatsu, Tui Na and acupressure techniques, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best in the business.
  • A typical massage will last between 15 to 25 minutes (this can be shortened to 5 minutes if you’re in a hurry). Consider it your best work commitment ever.

The sciencey stuff

These miracle chairs are both cushioned and ergonomically-designed to relieve pressure on the spine, hips and shoulders. They’re also fully adjustable, so people of all shapes and sizes can use them! You should be aware that you need to adopt a somewhat bendy position during treatment, so chronic conditions such as herniated discs or a well-documented history of hypertension may mean that you’ll be advised by your practitioner to avoid chair massage and opt for something different.

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