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Hair Extensions description

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Go to great lengths for your hair. Why wait months for your hair to grow when long luscious locks could be merely minutes away? Whether you’re looking to add length and volume to short or thinning hair, change your colour or add highlights, hair extensions could be the answer. These hair raising savers are produced in a selection of lengths, colours and styles to suit you, from ultra-straight locks to sun-kissed waves to tight curls made from human or synthetic hair.

How does it work?

Everyone from Britney Spears to Cheryl Cole has embraced the beauty benefits of hair extensions and they can do wonders for your look too, giving you a healthy, voluptuous head of hair without looking fake.

Hair extensions are sold in many hair shops, salons and department stores, and can be fitted in many hair salons around the country. Even though the prices range from reasonable to very expensive, you can still find good quality hair and an experienced stylist at affordable prices.

There are three ways you can have your extensions fitted; sewn in, glue bonded, or clipped in. It’s advisable to have a consultation at a reputable hair salon before having extensions bonded or sewn into your hair if it’s your first time, to ensure that it will cause little or no damage to your natural hair.


This method is the most popular and the easiest to maintain as you can wash, condition and style as you would for normal hair. It’s best to have this done by a stylist. Your stylist will plait your hair into cornrow spirals around your head, then Hair Wefts - sewn together strings of hair that can be made from natural human or synthetic hair - are sewn with a needle and thread onto the cornrow and cut and styled to your preference. Be aware that continuous use of hair straighteners and dryers can cause damage to the hair causing it to frizz, and after two or three months, your natural hair would have grown one and a half to two inches, so it’s best to have the extensions removed after no more than three months of wear.

Hair bonding

This is good for short term, but with proper care, the extensions can last up to four months. Instead of the extensions being sewn on, they are glued onto sections of your hair with special bonding glue. However, any water that hits the glue will make it come lose, so care and attention must be paid when washing or walking out in the rain.

Hair Clips

These can be applied to your hair in an instant without the help of a stylist as they are simply clipped in, so if you’re looking for a non-permanent hair style this is your best option. They are very easy to put in and as long as you get the right texture and hair colour they will blend into your hair easily and no one will know the difference. They’re super easy to look after and can last up to six months depending on how often you wear them. However, make sure to remove them before going to bed to maintain them for longer.

Is it for me?

Whether you have a big event coming up, a night out with the girls or are simply in need of a change of hair style, hair extensions are a great temporary solution, and because it is so popular, a large number of hair salons have experienced stylists to fit them in for you. Hair extensions are also a benefit to those suffering from hair loss, as they can give your hair a fuller and healthier appearance that looks completely natural.

Clip-on extensions and hair wefts are the most popular options that cause little to no damage to your hair. However, if looking to do the glue bonding option, be aware that the glue is very strong and can cause damage to naturally weak hair, so it is advisable to have a hair consultation with an experienced stylist beforehand. It also pays to shop around as the price of hair extensions and styling ranges from hundreds to thousands of pounds. However, do your homework and you’ll be able to sport a head of luscious locks like a celebrity without having to break the bank.

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