Now winter's coming is it a good time to get a Brazilian blowdry?

I have medium-thick, wavy shoulder-length hair and would like to maintain it and stop it from frizzing. I live in the Essex area, any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.
Asked by lillyrose

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Hiya, it would help to stop your hair from frizzing when your in & out of the extreme temperature ie: hot & cold. And the brazilian dry is a keratin treatment that locks in moisture, so your hair will look and feel smoother and be more managable.
Hope that helps.
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Hi yes that would be great, due to hair in winter being in and out in the cold then into the warm. They all add up to dry dull hair so the smooth hair treatment will really help.
Go for it!!!!
Hi yes it would definitely help stop your hair from frizzing but you would be unlikely to be able to wear it curly as keratin leaves the hair pretty straight.
I don't cover the essex area as I am in surrey, you can specify where you would like your question to be sent.
Good luck :)