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I live in Surrey (Kingston area) and was wondering where to get micro ring hair extensions done? I've tried most of the salons in Kingston and Wimbledon but none of them are doing micro rings, and most of them are trying to convince me to do pre bonded ones and they told me i'd be charged between 500-700 pounds which is more than double the price of how much micro rings should cost...
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hi iam based in Brentford I am happy to give you a telephone consultation. call me on 07861485583. we will be most happy to book you in.
hi iam based in Brentford I am happy to give you a telephone consultation. call me on 07861485583. we will be most happy to book you in.
We offer hair extension service in London. Have a look at our website for more details:
Hi there, We areclose to you and offer a couture mobile hair extenions service. We fit high quality cuticle hair extensions with micro rings for £300. Rates are inclusive of consultation, hair, fitting and finishing.
Please feel free to take a look at our website.
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How long can u keep these in for with out have to take them out and re do
Hello! I have a few ladies who travel to me from Kingston as you can change at Clapham Junction to get to Gipsy Hill. For an average full head of Micro Rings (200 bonds 18 inch) I will charge £280. But in order to give you a correct price I would need to have a further chat as regards length of your hair, length you want, colours etc etc. you can contact me on 07783477329 or email info@crystalhairextensions.co.uk. website http://www.crystalhairextensions.co.uk I can supply plenty of pics & customer feedback :)
I'd love to hear from you!
Hello ,
im do only Pre-bonded hair extensions.( BALMAIN hair)
i charged betwen 300- 400 pounds.
If you dont mind travelling to Hastings we at Solo do micro rings from £220 depending on length and thickness. the price would be decided in a consultation and includes 2 months free maintenance in the price given. hope this has helped feel free to ring us on 01424 435485. Kind Regards The Team At Solo.
Hi! Thank you for your enquiry!
We do Micro ring hair extensions at the salon and we offer free consultation (i use to teach the system in london two years ago, so i do understand the system well). The price depend of the amount of the pieces you need or want, so i can't tell you with out see you, but you welcome to pop to the salon in Ascot at any time to talk about it.
Please free to contact me at the salon number 01344 626858 or text 07841426711
We looking fwd to hear from you! Leo Mancini
Hi I do them and would travel to you! Www.hairangelextensions.com
We do microring hair extention priced between 100- 800 depending on hair choice and how many bonds you have
Hey - I'm
In the area sunbury x I do loops for under £220 including free gifts contact me - hair extensions by v x x
Hello Limatty, this is susanne here at Invisinano Hair extensions. Micro rings are the safest method for hair extensions. When looking for a hair extensionist, you need to look at pictures before and after to make sure they are up to the job also very importantly that they use good hair and I mean cuticle correct European hair if you are of european descent or brazilian, peruvian or indian hair if you have a denser hair type. You just want the best quality with the best price. Unfortunately I am based in Wales but I can recommend you Jacky at extensionaires who is based in Wimbledon (not far from you).http://www.hairextensionaires.com/ depending on the volume and length you desire for quality u need to be prepared to pay up to £600 for your hair as u will be able to reusse the hair twice or more if looked after it properly. You need to look at it as an investment. Hope this helps Susanne
Micro Ring extensions in salons they do charge more due to the cost of running the salon really, however what we offer is a mobile service, so can offer a more resonable price, have a look at out website http://www.loveurself.co.uk hopefully we can be of service.