I've got thin and fine hair and really want extensions to make it thicker. Is this possible?

I have just below shoulder length hair which I'd really like to be thicker, maybe with half a head of extensions. I've been told by before not to go near extensions as my hair is too fragile. However I've seen they now do medi-connections extensions especially for thin hair. What do you think and does anyone offer these in the Essex area? Are racoon extensions suitable?
Asked by Lunkycat

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What is better Perfectress or medi for thinning hair
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Hi, I would advise the best way forward is to have a free consultation so your hair could be assessed. Also there is a salon on London that does the medi connections extensions.
I am based in Braintree Essex, if I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hi i am in Harlow Essex, i do Pro Styles mono fibre hair extensions they are extreamly light weight so more suitable for fine hair, however if your hair is very fragile you would be better to get some clip ins for special occasions and start taking supliments such as Vitamin B and Kelp get a good quality brand like Solgar..
HI I am in West Sussex, but I think you need to be assessed by Hair Extensionist first to see the suitability for Hair extensions. Half Head are good for volume only and Full head mainly length and volume.