Multi Polar Radio Frequency Treatment

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Body Contouring

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Radio killed the cellulite, fast. Multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology (or Multi-polar RF for short) is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that is said to blast away stretch marks, cellulite and other deeply rooted skin issues without the need for anaesthetic or post-operative treatment. How? Tune in and find out...

How does it work?

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness as connective tissue (such as old friend collagen) begins to break down. Wrinkles, sagging and skin thinning all occur as a result of this cellular loss, which also emphasise certain fat deposits under the skin and make cellulite appear more prominent.

Multi-polar RF uses waves of different frequencies to create heat which penetrates several levels of fat and skin cells. A device that looks a bit like a shower head or ultrasound device is placed on the skin and is used to target problem areas for 15 to 60 minutes. When the waves reach tissue where collagen fibres are embedded, the heating process causes them to quickly contract and tightens the layers of skin. At the same time, the increase in temperature is supposed to boost the metabolism of fibroblasts (which basically means it almost magically seems to speed up collagen and elastin renewal), resulting in a smoother and younger looking complexion.

When fat cells are painlessly heated to temperatures of up to 55°C during cellulite treatment, metabolism is speeded up and it’s said that liquid fat is released from the cells. After the fat is liquefied, the cells shrink and cellulite is less visible through the skin. And with little to no real recovery period (any redness usually disappears within 24 hours), you’ll be glowing in no time!

Is it for me?

If you are self conscious about some cellulite, localised fat or excess skin following pregnancy and weight loss, and don’t like the idea of surgery then a contouring multi-polar RF treatment may be for you. If you would like to improve the appearance of your skin without resorting to invasive treatments and like to see immediate results, then claims that almost all patients see a difference after their first session will act as further encouragement to give it a go.

However, if you have been fitted with a pacemaker or have a metal plate/pin in the area in which you wish to be treated, then you cannot undergo multi-polar RF treatment. If you suffer from severe heart disease, muscular or connective tissue disorders or are currently pregnant/breastfeeding, then unfortunately you should also avoid the therapy.

Good to know...

Whereas normal cells can withstand temperatures of 60°C, pesky fat cells begin to melt at a cooler 41°C.

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