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HD Brows description

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Over-plucked or overgrown: do your brows need beautifying? HD Brows is a new combination cosmetic treatment that is designed to remedy eyebrow eyesores and leave you with superstar perfect peeper-frames.

How does it work?

Incorporating tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading, mineral make-up and eyebrow pencil (phew!), HD (which stands for high definition- like the TV broadcast type) Brows is an extensive treatment that lifts and defines the brow area, leaving you professionally groomed with eyebrows whose shape has been tailored to best suit your face.

First, the therapist dyes the brows with eyebrow tint in order to assess the extent of the hair growth (this is especially useful for those with fair eyebrows). After brushing them into a more defined shape, they will apply small amounts of wax in order to accurately remove areas of hair and create the base outline for defining the arch of the brow.

To sculpt a detailed and precise contour, the area is then threaded and tweezed, before any long or protruding hairs that make up the bulk of the brow are trimmed with scissors. Finally, any remaining sparse areas are carefully filled using light strokes of eyebrow pencil and fine mineral brow powder.

The treatment takes less than 15 minutes and has the celebrity seal of approval, with former Mis-Teeq singer Sabrina Washington and boyband Blue's Duncan James and Simon Webbe among its fans. Results last about a month, although you will need to perform the odd tweezers touch up yourself in between visits to the salon, but this is small price to pay when you walk away looking like a small (or big) screen starlet!

Is it for me?

If peering in the mirror whilst trying to fix unruly or barely-there brows is the bane of your life, the HD Brows treatment system will save you a lot of time and heartache. It is an investment, as it is best to return to the salon for tinting and waxing maintenance, but can transform your appearance and boost your confidence without making you look like a certain Mr Gallagher.

Good to know...

The average ‘lifespan’ of an eyebrow hair is 4 months. Unfortunately for those who have had DIY shaping mishaps, it's also the slowest growing type of hair on the body.

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