is it semi permpnant tattooing

i have my brows tattooed semi perminant make up .Is this what hd are, or not ?
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hi, they are very different treatments, HD - high definition brows, involves a multi stage brow shaping experience including tinting waxing threading tweezing to give a defined look, the tint will fade out over a few days but remain on the hair for a few weeks, gaps are pencilled in or powdered to you can see where to grow hair , it gives a really precise shape, a hd brow master will then discuss whether semi permanent makeup is suitable long term to fill areas where the hair will not grow. see
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Hi, as written below HD brows is a process and doesn't last very long. However with Semi-Permanent Makeup the results will last from 8-18 months and taking pictures with confidence, or just waking up ready is life changing!
At Hazel Diamond we provide our clients with the 3D hair by hair stroke effrect, amazing!! natural and you'll have that high definition look.
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Hi ebonie,
Here's the link for Wahanda's write up for both HB brows
as well as semi permanent treatments
Hope this helps.