Does anyone know a salon or spa in London that offers the new HD Brow treatment?

How long does it last?
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Yes my salon in Bow E3 does HD Brows. The website is I have been doing HD Brows for 6 months.
if you wish to book please contact me.
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Hi there,
Semi-Permanent Makeup can remain within the dermal layer of the skin from 2-5 years. The more top ups you have, the more permanent it will become.
On average my clients would normally have a minimum of X2 treatments initially. We use pigments ( which means it's organic, non toxic and non invasive to the blood stream )
Fantastic way to give definition to your brows, especiailly those with sparse brow hairs, no hairs or basically tired and bored of drawing their brows on every day! Great way to enhance your eyes with natural or fashion eyeliner and lip tints.
Treatments such as Eyelash tints/brow tints could last from 2-3.5 weeks as it does not penetrate into the dermal layer of the skin unlike semi-permanent makeup, it only tints the hairs.
Whether it be our teeth, going to the Gym or having our monthly hair cut's - maintaining our Look requires maintenance... It's Worth It!! 24/7 wake up with Makeup
If you need any further information do feel free to contact me personally.
0753 53 53 369
I have recently tried the HD Brow treatment and I must say I was very impressed with the difference it made. I’m always keen to try out new treatments but I was initially unsure of how much of a difference the procedure would make. It’s obviously a bit more expensive than standard eyebrow treatment and takes almost 50 minutes to complete which is quite a long time compared to that of a normal wax/pluck. I can honestly say it’s worth it.
My face instantly looked more framed and I have received several comments about how well groomed my eyebrows look. I still don’t think the treatment is that well known yet, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s considering giving it a try!
I've added some before and after pictures to a blog I run which can be found at
I hope this helps!


Sorry, just realised that the link for the pictures is wrong as I've put a full stop on the end. The correct URL is
Really useful Jerri - thank you. The pic looks great.
Thank you - pleased you found it helpful!
You must try the Berkley Hotel beauty spa on the 5th floor AMAZING!! They have a fantastic sauna, heated pool and gym area, the beauty rooms over look london and at night it's stunning.. Massages are and facials are fantastic!!
It's off Park Lane... Enjoy
not personally but this website would probably help if you dont get an answer from wahanda.
hi have a look at the website hdbrows, there is a salon finder - pop in your postcode for nearest artist , we have lots around london cathy b


perfect. Thanks Cathy
Abate MediSpa Sanctuary est. since 1990. We are based in Essex, approximately 45 mins from central London. tele no 01268 763912.
We do offer HD Brow semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement.
If you are interested in finding out more information please do not hesitate to contact us on the above telephone number. You can come to our clinic and see many before and after photographs of our procedure, without any obligation.
Kind Regards
Abate MediSpa Sanctuary
I wish that I could help you but I reside in the United States. However, have you tried looking on the internet? Good luck with your search!