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Question: I have lost the shape and colour of my eye brows can you have a permanent eyebrow shape done

Asked by DEBRE 4 years ago

14 answers

my eye brows have gone grey with age and I have plucked away to much hair so I need some sort of eyebrow shaped on to my eyebrow and a colour of dark blonde ca i have this done I live in basingstoke hants please help

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pmugirl 4 years ago

One would have to find out far more details before a defined answer can be given, the big question is your plucking problem, what is the time scale that the hair has been missing?

I ask this as sometime follicle can be damaged, hair does not return, there will be no visible shoots of growth.

If this is the case permanent makeup will be a very good option, I will recommend Heidi Worman,(I am her p/a) but she is booked up months in advance, so follow this guide and you wont go wrong.

Look for the following,

An artists that just does this, not ANY other forms of beauty, but carries this out all day long and is a specialist in one subject, just a micromigmentation expert, its obvious why.

Look for someone who works with top UK GMC registered cosmetic surgeons, why? because they would not just associate with anyone, its their name and good reputation.

Go for someone who has an excellent reputation, tried and tested and current in today's fast moving world.

Look for someone who works with people like BUPA and alike, they too are fussy about who they affiliate with.

Go for someone who has clients travel to them from all around the world, ask yourself why people would do that.

Avoid discount prices, if someone is very busy would they need to discount the price? This is on your face a long time and you want the best work.

When you have found all of the above, book a consultation, and make sure that you feel you are not rushed and can walk away happy, without making a booking.

Ask to see images, have some shapes drawn on (they should be correctly measured and shaped, with you SITTING UPRIGHT, not laying down. Templates should not be used, a bespoke shape should be drawn by the artist, to fit your face and your shape.

Good luck with you search, I hope you find this useful, we take this very seriously, its the only way to get good results.

Kind regards,

Laura P/A Heidi Worman


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Jillsimms 4 years ago

This is helpful, thank you x

HelenK74 4 years ago

This is what I am looking for too
Laura, can I have Heidi's number please.


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FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

I agree with each of my colleagues. Brow tinting can be a great semi-permanent solution and micropigmentation (tattooing) would be a permanent solution. Seek an experienced professional and request to see their work (photos from previous clients.)

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pmugirl 4 years ago

This is good advice. x

u-beauty 4 years ago

Thank you for your enquiry unfortunatley i live in south wales but i would like to give you some info. My mum has the same problem she has plucked and plucked away at her eyebrow leaving them with no shape and hardly any hair. She would love to have semi perm eyebrow but this is very costly. I use brown tint on her which makes them look thicker and provides shape it dyes the skin where there isnt any hair which lasts for a week and then she fills them in with a colour stay eyebrow pencil.
I hope this little bit of info helps.
Kind Regards U-beauty

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permanentmakeup 4 years ago

Hi there I am a semi permanent make up technician based in South Wales, I have an extensive portfolio and offer free consultations. Most spm providers charge around £300 - £400 for eyebrow enhancement I think this price is unjustified and generally I charge around £175.00 for initial treatment.
here is a link to My website
do let Me know if I can assist at all, Laura

face-clinic-london 4 years ago


Yes semi permanent make up can be used to correct the shape and thicken out sparse brows, the colour can be matched to make it appear natural. We are based in central London, if you would like a telephone consultation with our permanent make up specialist then email your details and phone number to us at

MBNS57 4 years ago

yes we have a fantastic semi permanent make up artist at MBNS call us on 01844 213007 for more details


Face2face 4 years ago

Yes there are various ways to tackle this problem. One way is permenant or semi permenant tatooing, this is quite specialist and I don't do this. If this is what you want to do, really research well first before going ahead. However I can help with a fantastic semi permenant brow make-up, which come in 8 colours to match perfectly ,and lasts all day, you can even swim with it. I also do eyebrow shaping and tinting. I would highly recommend going down the tinting and cosmentic route first.
Happy to help, and close by in Crondall which is about 15 minutes from Basingstoke with parking.
face2face beauty Jo Hannan 07840 532663

TopazBeauty 4 years ago

I would say start with tinting and shaping. The tinting will colour all the light hairs so that then you can shape them better. Also some of the plucked hairs should re-grow with time so that the shape can be improved. Claire

Mucheichi 4 years ago

Absolutely PERMANENT MAKEUP could be the answer to your dilemna! I do Permanent Makeup, used for so many different reasons, but definitely to re-define eyebrows. Be sure to research the PM person you choose, there are MANY bad Permanent Makeup people out there, be sure to allow ONLY ORGANIC PIGMENTS and nothing else, as you will get better color and you can change it later on if you needed to. Tattooing is not good for the face, no matter what anyone tells you! the oxides they use change color and removing any of that is usually a nightmare. If you have more questions you can visit my website and contact me through there.....
Best wishes to you!

SuzanneM 4 years ago

Hi Debre,
A semi - permanent eyebrow treatment would definitely be an ideal solution for you.
I mix pigment colours to achieve exactly the right shade. The faults are always perfectly natural and endlessly flat erring.
Please take a look at my website for more information about the treatment Or feel free to call on 07880 545410
Kindest Regards,

Hepburns 4 years ago

I best thing would be a light eyebrow tint as a first step - then I would recommend getting yourself an eyebrow make up kit - something like Benefits 'Brows a go go' to effectively colour in the brow.

I hope this helps.


traceybell 4 years ago

Semi permanent makeup is a great way to enhance and prolong the appearance of groomed eyebrows. The procedure is easy to administer and can last up to 3 years, prices start from £295.00 see for more information


JasminandRose 4 years ago

Hi Debre, I would definitely recommend a semi-permanent tint to give you definition and will shape the brows. You can also try out brow make-up thats great for coverage also. If you choose semi-permanent. A patch test should be carried out before any tinting treatments.

Take care

Jasmin and Rose

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago
Look for someone who does HD Eyebrows.


BeautyBySophia 4 years ago

Yes there are various treatments that can be done,its a comin problem,i have clients that use to plucke gray hair out,which will mess up your shape and show patchers,for grey hair i always tint twices to get a good result and it works,it takes them months to regrow back there eye brows,which they have plucked,but sooner or later we get there,or you can have permenant make up done,but be carefull that you go to a good place for it,a client once came with orange colour eye brows which were brown but fad inwith a year time. Elizabeth arden do a brow shaper aswell,you can get a blond colour, its a powder and can be use as a eye liner, you will get the best results ever,i have use it many of time on my clients. wish you good luck.

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