I have over plucked my eyebrows - will tinting help!?

I have over-plucked the front and ends and am currently filling them in with a pencil and / or eye shadow and brush. But it doesnt last! So the question is can I tint where there is no hair to give me the shape back?! And where's a good place to go?! THANK YOU!
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The best option would be to have an Hd brow treatment. This involves a range of styling techniques and the tints used are for dual purposes. Firstly, the tint can be used to create uniformity in the brow and secondly, to darken should you require it. Hd brows offers a much wider range of colours than basic brow tints and the tint is more sophisticated.
i have several clients who have been corrected for over plucking and shaping in the past and after a couple of hd treatments are now sporting perfect, full eyebrows. Please contact The Spa Lounge of 01937541467 for further advice and/or treatment.
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You may wish to consider eyebrow transplants. Costly, but effective, this procedure involves grafting fine hairs from other areas of the body (either the head or the arms) and grafting them to the brow in the desired shape and arch.
Rapid lash sold in boots helps hair grow back quicker. It can be used on lashes or eyebrows.
I have a few clients that are prone to over plucking, on a continual basis lol, it is actually more common than you think.
I tent to now shape and tint, tell them off, tint so it stains the skin and advise them not to pluck the shorter stubby hairs i leave as they need to be allowed to grow back. The tint can stiain the skin when left on long enough, however does fade before you will have full growth most prob. (hard to say without seeing your brows tbh)
were are you based.
I am in lpool.
Charge £10 for wax and tint, or 5.50 for tint.
Other than that i would suggest either the HD Brows?Semi Permanent Make-up (Eyebrow tattoos).
The Tattooing lasts for 5 yrs so ul have a definate shape to follow, which is drawn on in pencil/pen first for you to get the shape u prefer and then tattooed. We were trained by Louise who does all the Semi Permanent Make-up on the rich and famous and have been doing it for several years with a vast client base.
If you are close to liverpool we currently have an offer on for £150, it is usually £280
It depends what effect you wish to receive. For a temporary effect tint is a good option, however it lasts few weeks only,and if you do not have any hair left in this area tint will not last even that long. In this case the best result can be achieved with semi permanent makeup, in other words, cosmetic tatooing which last longer and can be repeated after 2-4 years depending on the desired shade. You can contact me on 07561 432 639 for details or to book a free consultation. As a semi-permanent makeup technician I am happy to help you. It is unlikely that missing hair will grow back.
I find that benefit brows a go go kit is perfect to keep in your make up bag especially when you're having eyebrow trouble!! They have a coloured wax and powder which I find lasts all day. As many have mentioned below tinting will rub of after a few days. When I needed to grow my eyebrows I was told to use caster oil on the area that I wanted to get thicker and to be fair it did work, I'm not sure why but the lady who threads my eyebrows told me and it worked!!
Hopefully this will help
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Not really no, you might want to consider having micropigmentation, which is semi permanent
Unfortunately, you cannot tint where there is no brow hair. You would essentially be trying to tint your skin. This will not work. You are better off to try using brow hair growth products nightly to try to re-grow your brow hair and by day you will need to continue to use brow pencils or brow powders to enhance the areas where there is brow loss. There are many on the market to choose from.
Tinting last anyway up to 5 days, not more. We do eyebrows and eyelashes tinting, you can try it. You can also try castor oil to stimulate the eyebrow hair to grow, it works.
Good Luck!
I too was an over plucker, tinting will help as we can tint the skin or catch the light velus hairs or do what i did and have them semi tattooed, it last aprox 4 years i believe it is fantastic! i use a brilliant cosmetic artist at my salon her back ground is brilliant perfect to give you the best results before doing medical tattooeing she was the very first lady to own a tattoe shop in the UK. i believe there is an offer of £100 of brows at the moment was £300.
I would recommend you look out for your nearest therapist trained in HD Brows. It will be a slow process but they will work with you and encourage your brows to grow. The treatment involves tinting, waxing, threading.
Hello, you could use a colour stay eyebrow pencil that will last the day, tint is also good it tints the skin wont last
as long as semi perm eyebrow treatment but for a temp solution tinting would be good it will also make eyebrows look thicker.
Regards helen serving south wales
Tinting will only tint the skin for a couple of days so will not last long enough. Your only option unfortuneately is to pencil them in for the time being. You could buy a different type of pencil which is semi-permanent. Please contact any lash perfect salon for details. It is meant for eyeliner but there may be a brown which you could use as this lasts a little longer than the standard pencil.
I have the prefect product, Christian eyebrow make-up. This product you can view on the web, it really is fantastic and in my opinion is a much better option than tatooing. Only thing is I would recommend going to a salon to have it demonstrated first and to make sure that you get the right colour for you, as it come in 8 colours.
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A eyebrow tint could help and would last for 4 weeks or so. Ideally, long term, I would consider a semi permanent eyebrow. I can recommend a salon in Reading, Berkshire to you. http://bronzebeauty.moonfruit.com/#/bextravagant/4518449969
Where are you based? Happy to do a eyebrow tint in the mean time. You can also purchase a products to comb through your brows to enhance the growth on the internet.
I hope this helps. If you would like an eyebrow tint, please let me know.
Many Thanks
Hi there, an eyebrow tint will temporarily tint the skin, but won't last long enough to cover until they grow back, so I think you are doing the best you can at the moment by penciling them in. Eyebrow tinting can help make the most of what you've got and really define your eyes, call me at my salon in Poole if you'd like to talk it over in more depth 01202745678.