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Question: Can you have eyelash extensions if going on holiday and swimming in the sea?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

6 answers

Thinking of treating myself to eyelash extensions for my upcoming holiday but with chlorine and saltwater etc- would the fake lashes stay on or quickly fall out?

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EyeLa 3 years ago

Hi Rebecca,
If you were to have the extensions 2 or 3 days before your holiday, and the technician applied a sealant on the lashes after (which most should anyway) then the lashes should with stand te water.
It's not really water that breaks the bond down, it's excessive rubbing and touching and exposure to water and humidity within the first 24hours.
A client of mine had lash extensions with me 2 days before a 2 week holiday in India and they lasted 5weeks!!
You just have to take care of them.
Hope this helps!! Xx


Other answers (5)

Demoiselle 3 years ago

Hi Rebecca,

You sure can :) just make sure that you do not use any oily products on your eyes( make-up remover etc) it is also advised not to expose your extensions to humidity for the first 24 hours, and if you want to wear mascara you can buy ones that are specially formulated to keep your extensions where they are :) as long as you follow the after care they should be fine, hope it helps! :)

Bespokechelt 3 years ago

Eyelash extensions are ideal for your upcoming holiday. Before I become a Nova Lash extension therapist I had a set done before my holiday in Spain. I loved them & as soon as I got back home I contacted Nova & went on their training. Nova use medical adhesive glue so you you know it is safe. Nova treatments are a little more expensive but you are getting the best & they last as long as your natural lash ( 4 to 6 weeks)..... Try and find a Nova therapist in your area. They are all highly trained & before qualifying they have done loads of case studies. Fantastic product & highly trained staff .

Amela 3 years ago

Hiya, with eyelash extension it makes it the best treatment to have before going on holiday as
You don't need to wear mascara and worry about it smearing in water. You will look good in the morning and ready to start your day..!!. It will only fall out if you use oil make up remover or anything that contains oil. It is worth it.

Sources: Serenity Holistic and Beauty Therapy in the bronzing shop hitchin

RadianceBeautyHair 3 years ago

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for posting the question on Wahanda. Firstly I would suggest to seek the advice of the lash extensionist directly who is going to do your lashes.
As the sea water is non chlorinated it should be OKAY, but not if going to swimming pool very frequently.

TigerLilyBeauty 3 years ago

Hi Rebecca, Yes you can wear eyelash extensions in the sea - they will not be affected. They are a great alternative to waterproof mascara.

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