I am considering offering eyelash extensions as part of my treatments, which are the best?

I currently offer eyelash enhancement but would like to offer extensions too. I'm not sure about investing in them without knowing more about the duration and quality of them - I have heard some horror stories. Which ones are the best?
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Hi Emma.
Lash extensions is a really competitive business. I trained with Nova which is a really good company however building up my client base for lash enhancements was very slow & products are expensive. Also the glue once opened does not have a long shelf life ( approx 3 months) So many other lash extension therapists in my area who were offering cheaper products it became apparent that I did not have the time to educate clients on using better products & the reason why my products cost so much more. I no longer offer lash enhancements on my treatment list. Another good company to look at is Extreme lashes. We have a fantastic Trainer in Gloucestershire ( Nicola Lashes Ward) maybe worth contacting this company for advice. I hope I haven't put you off but its always a concern when you see lash offers for very little income. I would advice you to do lots of homework & research before you commit to a training programme.
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Hi Emma
Don't be put off, Lash Extensions, when done well are a great asset to your business as you get a lot of word of mouth from a single set (your client is advertising them for you just by wearing them!) and repeat business for infills is also good.
Yes there are a lot of products out there and horror stories I find are from salons or beauticians who are trying to do the treatment very cheaply, have not had adequate training or rushing treatments.
As a Beauty trainer I do recommend you do a Generic Lash training course, find someone who has a good reputation not only as a trainer but who is also hands on doing the lashes. You may well get a more rounded view of lash products, glues etc from someone who is not trying to sell you their brand. Once you do a generic course you can source your own lashes, glue and other products to ensure you keep to a high standard. Getting good products does not always mean you have to pay the high prices as clients are more interested in a Good lash technician than the Brand.
You will need to ensure you are happy to invest your time into this treatment as it is not one that can be rushed. To do a good set of extensions you will need a lot of patience and practice.
I hope this helps and Best of Luck


Excellent advice!!!!
I prefer Xtreme Lashes. The quality of the products, customer service and the educational support are excellent!
We find Ahfrancis lashes to be brilliant! The glues are very strong and clients find that they last longer than other eyelash extentions they have had before. This could however be down to the lash technician. The lashes come in various different lenghts, thicknesses and curls and are all on strips so al lot easier to work with Visit my website for more information http://www.nailsbynaomi.co.uk and http://www.ahfrancis.com/
Hope this helps