I had gel nails but they started to come off within 4 days. Is that normal?

Asked by adolf

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Why do my gel tips keep falling off
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No certainly not normal, however if you have very oily nails then it is possible. You should go back to the therapist that applied them for you. They should be able to use a stronger primer or advise you of why this has happened. Hope this helps
No, it is not normal for gel nails to come off in such a short amount of time. A set of gels should last you around 2-3 weeks. They may have lifted prematurely as the nail plate may not have been prepared correctly before the gel application, or they may not have been capped/sealed at the free edge. It is important to follow the aftercare advice given and to make sure you wear gloves when carrying out any chores to protect the nails from lifting and peeling.
I would advise contacting the salon where you had them done and explaining to them what has happened and I am sure they will be more than willing to repair them.
No they shouldnt come off within 4 days. Im not going to repeat what everyone else has said so far as i totally agree with their responses. Good luck and dont leave it any longer.....go back to where u had them done and get it sorted. :0)
Hi there, typically no this is not normal and could be for a number of reasons.. One reason could be that you have damaged the nail? Gel polish has good adhesion but should not be compared with Acrylic or hard gel manicures. Aftercare involved in gel polish manicure is to apply cuticle oil every day to ensure that the nails underneath are kept hydrated and that the polish does not dry out and crack, but is encouraged to 'flex' with the extra moisture. Gloves should be worn for protection from chemical based cleaning or gardening products, even washing up.
Other reasons could be down to in correct application of the product or possibly under curing.
I hope this helps.
Hi i think your nails were not prepared properly before applying the gel polish. If the gel polish lifts that quick that is the reason or if you haven't worn gloves whist housework etc and not applying cuticle oil. I would contact your therapist maybe she could offer her advice. Hope this helps.
Hi, in my opinion gels last anything between 2-4weeks.
As Miss Jules Beauty has said you haven't specified what type of enhancement service you've had but it should last longer than 4 days. Return to your therapist and she should investigate and sort for you x
No, it is not normal for gel nails to come off in such short time. A set of gels is designed to last at least 2 weeks. I would advise to go back to the salon and give them another try- maybe you have certain medication or you might have be what we call "heavy handed". They should fit you in within 2 days with no charge. If the new set comes off too, you can go back and ask for a refund. Unfortunately, there are many beginners in salons who are made to do treatments they are not properly trained for and if they make a mistake e.g. lack of proper preparation of the natural nails or using base coat instead of top coat (I have come across both cases!), the set will not set. Good luck!
Hello, This is'nt normal to be honest however there are some factors you may have to consider when you are getting your nail extensions. Before having your nail extensions, did you have any previous nail extensions, if so then this can play apart in the bonding of the gel product to your natural nail if your nails were damaged from previous nail services. All therapists must carry out a client nail consultation card, I do this all the time. Therapists must do a quick analysis of your nails to see if they are suitable for nail extensions. If your nails are weak, thin, brittle, damaged then there is no point having nail extensions because they will not last. Also poor circulation, diet, medication, stress also plays apart in nails lifiting. Its not always the therpaists fault however they should be competant in doing the preparation process and making sure nails are fully prep'd before applying any sort of overlay. I do agree in going back to your therapist and maybe discussing why its happened & I'm pretty sure they will be able to come up with a solution as after 4 days it 's not normal. Hope this helped :-) x
Hi, I am not sure if you have had gel nail extensions, overlays or gel polish. Either way you should not experience any problems just four days in if they were done correctly and you have followed the after care advice. If you have followed the after care, I would contact the therapist and explain the situation. She will more than likely wish to see you in person to examine your nails but should come up with a solution or at least a reason as to how this has happened.
Hope this helps x