Best cream to regenerate uneven, sundamaged skin please?

I have uneven skin tone as a result of sun damage and I wondered whether anyone could kindly recommend the best cream/moisturiser to help repair this and give me an even appearance in the long term?
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If you want a long term, result and are committed to a regime that will transform your skin from the inside out, I'd recommend the Obagi Nuderm or Crx range. It can lighten skin, even out hyper-pigmentation, clear complexion and lighten sunspots and minimize fine line, wrinkles and sun damage. Please get in touch on 0121 4033043 for more information or a free consultation. We are a preferred and approved provider for this range of treatment.
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Hi Ben,
We would need to have a look at your skin to make an assessment, but we supply Obagi products, which may be suitable for you. For uneven skin tone, there are 2 Obagi products which may be of use - Obagi cRx, which is a product containing vitamin C and hydroquinone which will help to improve the tone and promote a more even pigmentation, and also glycolic acid which promotes renewal of the epidermis. The other product is NuDerm, which is a more intensive treatment than the CRx, and also contains tretinoin. As these products are only available on private prescription it is essential to have regular consultation and follow up. You can find further detail of these products on
Gary Fletcher
MIdlands Cosmetics
You may think it is as result of sun damage but are you absolutely sure? Pigmentation can arise for a number of reasons from certain medications, hormone change, too much copper in the body, foods we eat, etc. Firstly you need to establish whether it is pigmentaiton or melasma and if it is melasma whether it is dermal or epidermal. The only way to do this is with a Wood's lamp so find a consultant who can do this for you. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and money on products and treatments that will not work if the pigmentation is at a dermal level. Epidermal (outer) pigmentation is fairly easy to get rid by suggested replies below. Best wishes.
My clients receive the fastest results from using a RX compound (mixed at a pharmacy) of Peel and Bleach. The compound contains a mixture of Retinol acid, Hydroquinone, Hydrocortisone, and Ascorbyl Palmitate in an emollient cream base. The script would be obtained from a physician, usually a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. Another RX would be Tretinoin cream. There are varying strengths of both of these products. The level would depend upon your skin type and the problems associated. Both are used at night only and sun block would be used during the day as both products would make your skin sensitive to sun exposure.
Also, summer is not the best time to work on lightening sun damaged skin.
100% Environ
Best products ever! See the links above.
100% Environ
Best products ever! See the links above.
Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road,
London NW3 6NE
M; 07802 783 462
We perform specific treatments to remove Age spots, Liver & Sun spots and
pigments from skin on face, neck, body and hands.
The Products we use are from Belgium called: Dexsil Vitasil
These are specific gels applied under cream that remove any skin
pigmentation, they DO NOT have acid and are fantastic for improving
skin condition as well.
You can purchase from Princess Soraya salon in London.
Pigmentation Treatment. Dexsil Pigmentation Gel 21st April 2011
At Princess Soraya Salon ’s suggestion I had a course of five sessions to treat pigmentation on my hands. I have found both the treatment and the Dexsil Anti-pigmentation product (which I keep using on my hands twice a day) a great help in fading my pigmentation. Although the pigmentation has not disappeared completely, my hands look a lot better, almost as though someone had used a rubber on the pigmented areas.
I am happy with both the treatment and the product.
"I have recently had a course of Ionocinesis for pigmentation on my face. Previously I had tried many therapies but a combination of age and sun damage left me with stubborn dark pigmentation. A course of Ionocinecis plus Dexsil Silicium products, has resulted in plumper skin and a more uniform colour leaving a fresher and younger complexion. I am thrilled with the results."
We can use IonoCinesis for Face: Increase Hydration, reduce/prevent wrinkles, overcome
pigmentation, firm the skin and improve Elastin/Collagen amount in skin.
Try the 180 range from nuskin fantastic for uneven skin and to reduce the signs of ageing
I use priori coffeeberry tightening serum and spf and have seen a huge improvement in the pigmentation on my face! Its also a great anti ageing product if that is also a concern. Hope this helps!
At the All Over Beauty skin clinic we use products from the Dermaquest range that includes the SKin Brite serum and facial cream.There are some great photos to view before and after.Also available is the Skinbrite facial peels,and the use of red LED light treatments.Success can vary,but usually depends on the severity and length of time the problem has been there,plus the regular use of a really good broad spectrum sunscreen.Find a good local skin therapist and book a consult to ensure you are happy to proceed with the suggested regimen.Sue.
Creams, lights, lasers, peels and mechanical exfoliation in the guise of microdermabrasion are all fantastic ways to improve uneven skin tone. Sun damaged skin may be due to many things including environment and intrinsic factors. If you are looking for a cream to help I would recommend a Vitamin A to promote exfoliation. At Tracey Bell, we use SkinScription's Restimulate. You can purchase this innovative product here:
In the sun wear sun screen you dont have to look pasty white wear fake tan on your face under sun block so it looks like you have caught the summer glow, you can try either darkening or lightening / brighten your complexion try using White balance Brigtening solution by Medik 8 use yourself or this can be needled into the dermis combined with red light LED light treatment ideal for hyper pigmented skins. Galvanic - bleaching the skin is another way to kill the melanin sites.