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Question: What is a gel manicure and does it last longer than regular manicures?

Asked by alexsheppard

11 answers

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A gel manicure does last longer then a regular manicure depending on which brand you use it can last anything from 2 weeks.
I offer shellac its not a gel but a hybrid it's better for your nails then gel, you don't buff the nail plate with it.
If you would like anymore information don't hesitate to ask, thanks rachel

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A gel manicure will usually consist of a nail and cuticle tidy followed by gentle nail preparation (dependant on the brand used). Traditional nail polish is replaced with a UV Gel product such as Polish Pro, Shellac, Gellux, Nobility, Orly Gel FX, Gelish, Gelac, etc. These products are applied in thin coats over a base coat which are all cured under a UV or LED lamp. A clear top coat is applied to the finished nails. Colours and French Polish are both available, as well as glitters and special effect finishes depending on the brand used by the Nail tech or beauty therapist. Some will also offer nail art using these products.

Some salons market this type of application as a 2 or 3 week manicure. Results vary and will depend on how hard working your hands are, following after care advice given by the salon or on how meticulous your nail tech is in applying/prepping the nails prior to application.

All of these are called by various titles including gel polish, uv polish and hybrid polish. The removal procedure is best done by your nail tech or salon as they will not come off with traditional nail polish remover. Some brands have their own remover and some advise the use of acetone. The nails are soaked in the solution, or wrapped in foils with pads soaked in the solution, until the product lifts away. An orange stick or scraper is sometimes used to help things along. The nails should be left in good condition, and conditioned using a nail nourisher or cuticle oil. Maintenance can be carried out with some brands (infills), other systems require removal and reapplication.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Higher Holistics & Elle-Jay Nail Design


I also offer shellac manicures. It's great because it lasts longer than normal manicures, it doesn't damage your natural nails, has a beautiful shine that lasts and great colours. It's quicker and easier to remove than gel manicures.

Sources: (please paste in a web address, or cite the source, e.g. books, people)


It most certainly does normal polish will chip after just a few days where as gel polish last for upto 2 weeks. I use Gelish and that can last upto 21 days. You do pay more for a Gelsih mani but its worth it as it lasts!


yes it does last longer than a regular polish, it depends on the brand. We use Gellux and find this lasts up to 10 - 14 days without chipping. Hope this helps you. Regards Solo Hair And Beauty.

1904debs does depend on the product used.i recommend shellac by creative nail design..they have won best last shellac lasted for 4 weeks.but is guaranteed for 2 weeks if you look after it right..its not quite a gel manicure,but in my opinion much better as its easier to remove and has exceptional shine.


Gel manicure is just using the color Gel to paint the finger after the normal manicur procedure. Yes it last two to three weeks depending on how fast your nails grows, Could sometimes last for four weeks.



Gel manicures do last longer than regular manicures as long as they're applied by a qualified nail tech. There are lots of brands around at the moment. We use Gelish and our clients get from 2 weeks to 4 weeks from there manicures without any chipping or peeling - it's a hybrid between a gel and a polish and is amazingly good to your nails, it helps with the growth and strength of your nails so as well as a beautiful long lasting manicure you'll also get beautiful long nails! Have a look on, like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter @GSSalons


hi i work for mityme beauty in windsor we offer the jessica Geleration, on average lasts roughly 3weeks if you want any information its all on our site :)



Hi all i'm a total convert to Gellux & Gelish mani/pedi both are a hybrid between polish & gel formulated without the lge amount of formaldehyde found in normal polish gentle on the natural nail as no buffing required theres a stunning array of colours including matt,high shine & glitters. Both last upto 3 wks (usually much longer on toes) and are perfect for those who just can't grow a free edge or for peeling,flaking,splitting nails as the formula holds together the layers of nail, gellux/gelish have proved themselves more than worthy for me time and again with many of my ladies ecstatic with having real gorgeous nails for the first time sometimes ever! The whole process takes upto 50 mins (allow 60 for removal) and though no water is used as in the traditional mani/pedi the full nail prep service is completed, the high durable shine left with the clear topcoat does not fade and is chip/scuff resistant great for our everyday hard working hands I am currently offering the mani & pedi for £24 if booked together on a mon,tues :)

Sources: Lush Beauty



Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

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- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
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