Is it bad for your nails to do a 3-week gel pedicure? or is it only fine for manicures?

I have done a gel manicure that is suppose to last for 3 weeks, it is still looking fantastic after 2 weeks, and I wonder if it is a bad idea to do it for your toes?
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Nails are nails and it doesn't matter whether you are applying gel to hand- or toenails. As long as application and removal are performed correctly, there should be no problem at all.
If you are happy with the way it was made to your hands then I don't see why it would be a bad idea to apply it on toes.
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Hello Victoria, it's definitely not a bad idea. I use Gelish on my clients and they usually have it on their toes for 1 month before they decide to change the colour. Regular use of CND Solar oil (twice daily) helps keep your nails moisturised and nourished under Gelish / gel-polish nails. In fact this is a FAB idea for your toes!
Dear Victoria! I used to have it for my toes, and i can tell You, it was excellent for 1 month or more. So, do it!
Go for it - remember to Solar Oil the nail regulaly to prevent dehydration. sometimes its also easier to make toes really funky and it will last for ages!!
no its not a bad idea in fact its the perfect end result to a relaxing pedicure
I would have thought it wouldn't matter which nails you apply to as long as everything is sanitised well first so there is no risk of bacteria being underneath the gel. Especially if the gel is on for 3 weeks..
well i'm not actually trained on gel nails. but having had them myself on my hands i really cant see there would be a problem for your toes to be done.
good luck
Hi Victoria!
No its not particularly bad for your nails, hands or feet. When you have a 3 week polish it is best to use a cuticle oil regularly, ideally 2-3 times a day but as often as you remember! This feeds the nails and keeps them strong while the polish is on. The polish itself will not harm your nails, the removal process often uses acetone which can dry the nails and nail beds out so make sure your technician only applies acetone to the nail polish rather than dipping your hands in the acetone. Ask yur technician about the nest oil to use, I recommend Solar Oil as I use the CND Shellac system.
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I would always recommend Shellac for both nails and toenails - the resullt lasts briliantly and there is absolutely no damage to the nail as the removal is so kind.
Hello! This is absolutely fine to do your toes as well!
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Nails are nails what works for your fingers should work for your toes too :-)
Not bad for your nails at all IF removed correctly.I Shellac my nails and they last 2 weeks and when I remove it,my nails have grown and look really healthy.
Why do you think its a bad idea?
I have Shellac on my toes and have done for 7 weeks!