What is the best treatment to remove / fade brown spots and freckles on the skin?

Small amount on the face and also on the chest (which I think is sun damage?)
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This is caused by your skin overproducing melanin (the chemical in your body that makes your skin tan)
SPF is a very strong guard against aggravating this problem, make sure you buy a good quality face moisturizer with at least spf 20 and use it even in the winter sun. Brightening products will usually help with this, there are lots of essential oils and other ingredients in these products that will reduce pigmentation and slow down the production of melanin if you don’t want to go with invasive treatments and peels.
This website is a very good source of information for you on this subject and gives some good suggestions of products you can buy.
Try to find something that helps keep this condition under control for you on a daily basis rather then going for treatments. A good massage treatment will also help as a back up,as it increases the circulation, if you can go for prescription facials, but if you can’t, look up some good massage techniques online and do it yourself
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laser treatment take away the spots like that but leave no scars
Hi. You really need to use ENVIRON products. with the active ingredients they will reduce the pigmentation in your skin. You also need to wear a organic sunscreen, using high factor sunscreens can add to your pigmentation, as the chemicals( in the sun screen) react with the sun rays. RAD, ENVIRON'S sun screen needs to be used every day, on top of your moisturiser.this will help prevent future pigmentation problems.My salon BOWS BEAUTY is in Middlesex, but if you telephone 02084502020, ENVIRON will advice you to a salon near you. Good luck.
Sue Cole
I would suggest chemical peels, products containing retinols, alpha and beta hydroxys and especially products containing hydroquinone.
There are lots of products and treatments that can benefit this condition,but the best starting point is to have a skin consultation in order to assess the condition(how bad,for how long,any medications or conditions that may be increasing your skin's reaction to the sun exposure)in order you get the right treatment and outcome for you.These consultations should be offered free.
Be careful with the treatments which involve the skin to be exposed to heat as heat can often trigger more pigment occur. There are two very effective treatments for pigmentation: Obagi C-Rx treatment (which regulates the melanocytes' production on the melanine membrane at the bottom of your epidermis giving, therefore, your skin an even tone without pigment spots and freckles), and the other treatment is Dermaroller - which triggers the treated area to produce more collagen and to replace the damaged cells with the new ones. The first option is a prescription product and is available at Body Silk Clinic from one of our GMC registered doctors, and the other one is a treatment performed by a doctor in a treatment room. Both treatments give excellent results - you will have a clear skin within a few weeks. Pls feel free to call us 0207 283 5800 or just pop in to have a chat - we are based at Monument and Bank. More info about these tretaments is also available at our website http://www.bodysilk.co.uk
is it possible to send send a picture of the condition just so I can see how bad the condition is. so i would be able to advise you in more detail.
i would recommend microdermabraison,.
many thanks
Definitey the way to go for this is IPL facial rejuvenation Please look at our website http://www.suffolkmedicalclinic.co.uk which will give you lots of information and also before and after pictures.
Dear Lomi
I would recommend Environ skincare. This range specialises in fading brown spots and freckles. I would suggest that you visit their website and then look for an ENVIRON salon in your area. The website is: http://www.environ.co.za also the UK head office telephone number is 020 8450 2020. Hope this helps!
Laurie Ardeman
Hello there - the best treatment for this type of complaint is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This will clear the skin of imperfections such as redness, sun damage and dark pigmentation spots. Make sure you visit a reputable clinic with Care Quality Commission accreditation. See our link for more information
Hi Lomi-lomi
I understand that this might be causing you some distress. I would recommend visiting your local aesthetic clinic, and making an appointment to see a Registered Nurse who is experienced in this field. Any clinic worth their weight in salt would provide a free of charge consultation, where they could assess your skin in person - maybe using a skin scanner - and make a personalised recommendation from there.
Alternativly, you could visit your GP and ask for a dermatology referal - however this tends to be rather time consuming and treatment on the NHS is extreemly limited.
I hope this is helpful and that you find the solution you are looking for soon.
Try microdermabrasion, or laser treatment, this the best treatment to help you.
I would recommend Dr Murad Environmental Range its absolutly fab for treating damage caused by the environment such as sun damage, smoking etc if you purchase cleanser etc off their website and would also advice a Vit C facial. I would try this before you tried any of the more expensive treatments.
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