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5 of the best pregnancy massages in the UK

01/09/2016 / Editor's picks

Prenatal massages – should you, shouldn’t you? We understand that during pregnancy, everything you do is determined by how safe it will be for your unborn baby. This is why there is so much uncertainty surrounding receiving any prenatal treatments, but take it from us, it is perfectly safe and often encouraged. You can benefit from reduced stress and anxiety, relieved muscle tension and discomfort, and even an improved labour experience – win for you and baby alike. The therapist will often have you lying on your side or back upon a specialised bed or bean bag to ensure limited pressure on the baby. We recommend, of course, that you discuss your intentions with your midwife, as treatments are often not advisable to those with a high-risk pregnancy or certain medical conditions, and to seek out a certified prenatal massage therapist. So if you’re looking to book a relaxing prenatal massage for yourself, or treat your friend to a pampering prenatal treatment, below is our edit of the top 5 places, fit for those worthy mums-to-be.

By Hannah Cowan